This friday I upgraded from TW 20160909 to 20161013.

After the upgrade the desktop had no icons anymore (various files, Home,
Trash and external storage). Are such settings supposed to be preserved?

Also on this system I noticed there is now Wayland active. Is it supposed
to be that way? Hopefully such switch does not cause the same damage as
the notifier system caused to apps like Skype, Pidgin, KeepPassX and others.

In nautilus the names are sorted differently. On the local backup disk I
have directories like 'Lastrun.[0-9].*, hourly.*, daily.*, etc..'.
"Lastrun.[0-9].*" was listed first, now its listed somewhere in the
middle. Do I need to rename my tracking data to start with either 'Z' or
'A' to have them listed first?


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