Hello openSUSE marketing people

I am sending an email to opensuse-project about the openSUSE mini-summit
to be held in conjunction with Linux Fest Northwest. That message is below.

This is a marketing opportunity for openSUSE. LFNW is well-known and
highly regarded. It's unlike any other tech conference, although I have
heard that it's similar to Chemnitzer Linux-Tage. There are advantages
to both events for publicity.

I'm working with Doug DeMaio and James Mason on this. James and I both
live in Bellingham, Washington where LNFW is held. We've both been
involved in organizing the Fest. James has a substantial role this year.
I am coordinating the mini-summit.

openSUSE will have an expo space and is a Gold Sponsor. We have
prominent exposure. So there may be some promotional and marketing
advantages associated with the mini-summit.

Ideas? What would you like to see happen at the mini-summit? How do we
get the word out to the openSUSE community?

Carl Symons

Hello openSUSE community

You are invited to an openSUSE mini-summit on April 29, 2018 in
Bellingham, Washington, USA.

The mini-summit will be held in conjunction with LinuxFest Northwest
[1], the original grassroots FOSSfest, now in its 19th year. LFNW is
free to participate, thanks to generous sponsors and a long-time
relationship with Bellingham Technical College. It is low-key and
family-inclusive. LFNW will be packed with presentations and exhibits on
the latest FOSS technologies. It will feature well-known contributors
and projects in a casual environment.

Most of the time, the openSUSE Community works and interacts on-line by
email, chat, forums and mailing lists. The openSUSE mini-summit is a way
to get together in person in order to meet people, ask and answer
questions, and build strong social connections. It is a community
gathering to discuss ideas and work on projects that benefit openSUSE:
its users, its contributors, and its standing as a premier Linux

The openSUSE mini-summit@LFNW is listed at events.opensuse.org (oSMS).
But there's no content yet. The organizers have some ideas; we want yours.

What are your suggestions for the openSUSE mini-summit?

Carl Symons
on behalf of:
James Mason, SUSE Senior Software Engineer/LFNW organizer
Doug DeMaio, everything openSUSE
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