On 02/14/2018 05:21 PM, Chuck Payne wrote:
> Carl, 
> I can't make up there, but let me know if I can do anything remote from
> Georgia to help out. 
> Get me some type of flyer and I will posted on the Fan Page and Group in
> Facebook to get it started for you if that will help. 

Thank you Chuck.

I think that getting the word out will be quite helpful. It would also
be great to hear your ideas of format and content. Although we're kitty
corner across the U.S. from you, with some success here perhaps there
can be some events out your way (SELF must be somewhat close to you).

I'll put together something when we get a better idea of what's
happening here.

Thanks again

> On Wed, Feb 14, 2018 at 5:58 PM, Carl Symons <carlsym...@gmail.com
> <https://www.advmailservice.com/l/849b169d11ee11e891fa005056a3018b>> wrote:
>     Hello openSUSE marketing people
>     I am sending an email to opensuse-project about the openSUSE mini-summit
>     to be held in conjunction with Linux Fest Northwest. That message is
>     below.
>     This is a marketing opportunity for openSUSE. LFNW is well-known and
>     highly regarded. It's unlike any other tech conference, although I have
>     heard that it's similar to Chemnitzer Linux-Tage. There are advantages
>     to both events for publicity.
>     I'm working with Doug DeMaio and James Mason on this. James and I both
>     live in Bellingham, Washington where LNFW is held. We've both been
>     involved in organizing the Fest. James has a substantial role this year.
>     I am coordinating the mini-summit.
>     openSUSE will have an expo space and is a Gold Sponsor. We have
>     prominent exposure. So there may be some promotional and marketing
>     advantages associated with the mini-summit.
>     Ideas? What would you like to see happen at the mini-summit? How do we
>     get the word out to the openSUSE community?
>     Carl Symons
>     ------------
>     Hello openSUSE community
>     You are invited to an openSUSE mini-summit on April 29, 2018 in
>     Bellingham, Washington, USA.
>     The mini-summit will be held in conjunction with LinuxFest Northwest
>     [1], the original grassroots FOSSfest, now in its 19th year. LFNW is
>     free to participate, thanks to generous sponsors and a long-time
>     relationship with Bellingham Technical College. It is low-key and
>     family-inclusive. LFNW will be packed with presentations and exhibits on
>     the latest FOSS technologies. It will feature well-known contributors
>     and projects in a casual environment.
>     Most of the time, the openSUSE Community works and interacts on-line by
>     email, chat, forums and mailing lists. The openSUSE mini-summit is a way
>     to get together in person in order to meet people, ask and answer
>     questions, and build strong social connections. It is a community
>     gathering to discuss ideas and work on projects that benefit openSUSE:
>     its users, its contributors, and its standing as a premier Linux
>     distribution.
>     The openSUSE mini-summit@LFNW is listed at events.opensuse.org
>     <https://www.advmailservice.com/l/849da5a611ee11e891fa005056a3018b>
>     (oSMS).
>     But there's no content yet. The organizers have some ideas; we want
>     yours.
>     What are your suggestions for the openSUSE mini-summit?
>     Carl Symons
>     on behalf of:
>     James Mason, SUSE Senior Software Engineer/LFNW organizer
>     Doug DeMaio, everything openSUSE
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