Thank you Jimmy. An excellent report. Interesting that not many people were interested in the Raspberry Pi. Maybe you'll start to see more interest when people learn what they can do with them.



On 04/10/2018 09:06 AM, Jimmy PIERRE wrote:
Report on SFD 25th November, 16th December 2017, 27th January, 24th
February and 24th March 2018.

We have been over busy and being the only English speaking person, I
will make quite salient and interesting encounters.

We always started the day eating lunch together and brief on the
activities and designate who does what.

The visitors count is constant ~35 people, steady audience.

We have the usual visitors and “chance” visitors.

Over these five months, we made new contacts:

1.      A guy popped in and wanted a webmaster, could not help because
he had all his requirements in his mind and could not clearly explain
what he wanted. I sent him back to the black/white board.

2.      A blind person accompanied by a usual visitor wanted to ‘try’
openSUSE. I did not approve a change as his brail system was already
using Ubuntu. We do not fix a working computer. He said that he had a
spare PC, so I proposed to install openSUSE on the spare PC, next

3.      A few visitors discovered our “party” they were from
Marseille, we spent time talking about food et al. They had no
computers, they were just visiting. They saw what we do and how
openSUSE worked though.

4.      The person who came in October finally bought the HP that we
recommended. We started installation but when it came to transfer the
old files, we had to visit her the next day Sunday to finish the job.

5.      JC came with his wife, he had bought a new motorbike and
wanted some changes to his profile pictures on FB and also other
Social sites.

6.      I noticed that Raspberry was not something that got the
visitors excited.

7.      However, WSL seem for them a Try before ditching Windows. I
did explain that we did not recommend that they made the big step
without a net. We always go through dual boot step first (just in

8.      Our Calc student is getting better and better.

9.      The teacher took a few DVDs for his esteemed students.

10.   There were *two* LUGs in Rouen. The other one seem dormant and
his attendees bring their sick computers running UBUNTU for repairs.
Change management is of essence. We therefore give an openSUSE DVD to
those who can install by themselves and for others, we have to either
repair/reinstall UBUNTU or install openSUSE if they readily say *YES*.

11.   From the dissidents of the other LUG, we have strange demands:
email not working, hard disk replacement, in a particular lady who
wanted to run Linux on a PC of 2008; repeat 2008. We could not because
openSUSE Leap is 64 bit.

12.   Another visitor left her PC and I personally took 6 days on and
off to repair the beast….

13.   New people wanted information, some came for goodies (could not
handle that one), DVD, Linux Magazine, asking for a donation (yes
average of 2 people per session)

14.   VLC is still an issue; It seems to me that the right repository
(Packman) should be the one readily added so that it is installed

15.   We had people attempting to migrate 32 bit 13.1 openSUSE to
Tumbleweed 32 bit.

16.   An interesting issue, new faces and old faces not coming back. I
met with a lady while doing food shopping last week and in the
conversation, I asked her why don’t you come back and see us? Her
answer puzzled me: All is working, so no need to visit you. Is it so?
Well, we need to celebrate :D

17.   Coming back to Tumbleweed, one of our visitors migrated a 64 bit
openSUSE Leap 42.3 to Tumbleweed and had quite a new “distribution” on
box. Reinstallation was required and I told him to stop reading
articles on the Internet unless he knows what he is doing.

18.   Other clubs came round as usual, but I do not expect them to
move to openSUSE, they do have issues, but we are not volunteering to
move them around. One of them will come in April with his laptop; he
has lost the wireless module…..

19.   There is a project manager who came on two different dates, he
sort of mingled but he is not technical.

20.   Our Greek lady is back, latest episode, she has viruses on 7 USB
keys. I have taken them home for cleaning.

21.   We also noticed a new comer who says he comes from Mascarenes
area in the Indian Ocean, we started to discuss on fauna and recipes
before getting into the nitty gritty. He had a quite old computer aged
11 years and never used Linux before.

22.   The new challenge is to get openSUSE and SUSE working on WSL
*with* a DE, XFCE will be nice. I successfully installed XFCE on Kali,
UBUNTU and Debian. I personally demonstrated WSL and meanwhile at home
succeeded in installing xfce on SUSE and openSUSE LEAP.

23.   Linux Presentation Day is back 28th April ( ),
if there are some spare Linux Magazines and some bits and pieces, I
would be so ever grateful.

Four more events left before Summer holidays.

We will have more fun :D


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