the OpenVAS developers are happy to announce that openvas-libraries 1.0.2 has 
just been released.

The source code is already available for download (at 
http://wald.intevation.org/frs/?group_id=29&release_id=190); binary packages 
are expected to follow soon.

This release contains improvements to plugin handling and to the packaging 
files for various distributions as well as minor bug fixes and cleanups.
Apart from this, this release prepares OID support for OpenVAS.

It is recommended to update to this release, because future releases
of openvas-libnasl and openvas-libnasl will require openvas-libraries 1.0.2
as minimum version.

* Updates of the OpenSUSE, Fedora and Debian packaging files.
* Preparation for support for OpenVAS OIDs.
* Increased internal storage space for plugin preferences to allow for plugins
  with a large number of options.
* Fixed a bug that resulted in incorrect memory allocation on certain 64bit
* Removed support for unencrypted communication with the client.
* Fixed a configuration issue that broke the build process on certain 64bit
* Various code cleanups.


  Michael Wiegand
Michael Wiegand                                   OpenPGP key: D7D049EC
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