the newly founded Greenbone Networks GmbH targets the enterprise market for
security solutions based on OpenVAS technologies.

Greenbone envisions a mutual benefit by complementing the
OpenVAS community with enterprise services.
The benefit for OpenVAS is constituted in the strict Free Software
orientation of Greenbone. It is a fundamental interest of Greenbone
to grow the OpenVAS community, to contribute software and NVTs under
GNU General Public License and to arrange direct benefits for
major contributors.

Greenbone is founded by Intevation and DN-Systems, well known major
OpenVAS contributors who also organized the first OpenVAS developer
conference in 2006.

Greenbone is now building up a partner network and team; talents wanted.

We appeciate feedback on all aspects and are open for business partnerships.
You may reach us best via [EMAIL PROTECTED]

With best regards

   Jan-Oliver Wagner
   Lukas Grunwald
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