The 2008 OpenVAS Contest took place from August 23rd to October 15th, 2008. 
With 5 nominees who contributed a large number of improvements to the OpenVAS 
framework and extended the Open Source Network Vulnerability Testing, it was 
a great success. 

During the contest duration the number of OpenVAS Network Vulnerability Tests 
(NVTs) increased dramatically: from 3750 NVTs up to 5736 NVTs (an overall 
increase of over 50%). The most significant number of NVTs, which deliver 
full support for Gentoo and FreeBSD local security checks, were contributed 
by Thomas Reinke who deserves special thanks for his continuing support of 

The OpenVAS developers and the sponsors of the OpenVAS Contest would like to 
thank all developers for their great contributions. The developers have spent 
a considerable amount of time on their submissions and have helped OpenVAS to 
become even better. These contributions will be included in the upcoming 
OpenVAS 2.0 release which will help to make the task of network security 
scanning easier worldwide. 

Since there were only three cash prices available, the OpenVAS steering 
committee and the sponsors decided after long deliberation to award the 
prizes to three new-comers to the OpenVAS team: 

1st place (600 Euro): Vlatko Kosturjak
2nd place (300 Euro): Chandrashekhar B
3rd place (200 Euro): Christian Eric Edjenguele

Congratulations to the winners!


The 2008 OpenVAS Contest was made possible by the following sponsors: 

Intevation GmbH
DN-Systems GmbH
Tim Brown
Jonás Andradas

The OpenVAS Team
The OpenVAS Team

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