the OpenVAS developers are happy to annouce that a milestone in the
process of providing an extensive up-to-date documentation for OpenVAS
has been reached. Today marks the release of the 1.0.0 version of the
OpenVAS Compendium which will hopefully help new users as well as
experienced professionals and developers to understand and use OpenVAS
even better.

This release updates the contents of the compendium and fixes a number
of issues reported by proofreaders of the release candidates.

Main changes from 1.0-rc2 are:

* Updated feature descriptions to included the features of the upcoming
  OpenVAS 2.0 release.
* Added build target to make building of a German HTML version of the
  compendium possible.
* Improved overall layout and typography.
* Many typos fixed.

The 1.0.0 release of the OpenVAS Compendium is available online at

http://www.openvas.org/compendium/openvas-compendium.html (English)


http://www.openvas.org/compendium-de/openvas-compendium.de.html (German)

and available for download as PDF, HTML package for local browsing and
LaTeX source in both English and German at


Many thanks to all authors, proofreaders and anybody who contributed to
this release!


Michael Wiegand

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