a one day workshop (July 8th 2009) prior to the
OpenVAS Developer Conference #2 (July 9th - 12th)
will be conducted for OpenVAS users.

The following topics will be covered:

1. OpenVAS architecture
2. Installation of OpenVAS on Linux systems
3. OpenVAS scanning
        OpenVAS features
        Creation of policies and running the scan
        Credentiated and Credential less scanning
        The OpenVAS knowledge base
        Scanning different network devices: Windows, Unix
4. OpenVAS Administration
5. Writing NASL plugins
6. OpenVAS integrated tools

Price: EURO 300,-

The money will be utilized to cover the travel costs for students and other
private OpenVAS developers to join the OpenVAS developer's conference.

The workshop is held in english language by Chandrashekhar B of the
company SecPod (India). SecPod will not charge for this and so
100% of the money will help to physically gather a forceful developers
team to prepare for OpenVAS 3.0.

If you are interested and willing to register, please send a mail to
openvas-dev...@intevation.de at the earliest confirming your attendance.

Details on the workshop will also be updated here:

Best regards

        Jan-Oliver Wagner

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