Greenbone Security Assistant (GSA) 1.0: Full web-client for OpenVAS Manager 1.0 
now available

GSA 1.0 represents almost 2 years of intensive work. The mission of GSA is to be
a web client to the OpenVAS Manager 1.0 via the OpenVAS Management Protocol 

GSA offers a complete implementation of OMP in order to access all features
to organize and manage OpenVAS vulnerability scans. Additionally, GSA
optionally acts as a client for the upcoming openvas-administrator using the
OpenVAS Administration Protocol (OAP) which allows e.g. management of scan 

Central features of Greenbone Security Assistant are:

* Full OMP 1.0 client. The XML-based OMP responses are transformed into
  web pages via XSLT.

* No additional web-server required. The GSA daemon (gsad) uses microhttpd
  to implement a HTTP service on its own.

* Plain HTML. Neither cookies, JavaScript nor other dynamic elements are used.
  GSA works stateless and uses HTTP Basic Auth.

Greenbone Security Assistant is Free Software (Open Source), licensed
under GNU General Public License Version 2 or any later version.

The OpenVAS development team offers support for any efforts to create binary
packages for the various Linux distributions in order have this new server
readily available for users as soon as possible. Please use our openvas-distro
mailing list for this purpose.

Best regards

        Jan-Oliver Wagner

Dr. Jan-Oliver Wagner |  ++49-541-335084-0  |
Greenbone Networks GmbH, Neuer Graben 17, 49074 Osnabrück | AG Osnabrück, HR B 
Geschäftsführer: Lukas Grunwald, Dr. Jan-Oliver Wagner
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