Hello OpenVAS Community,

we are happy to announce that Version 2.0 of the OpenVAS-6 DEMO VM
is available for download:


The intention of this virtual appliances is to allow a quick try-out
of the OpenVAS-6 framework (compared to source code builds or package
installation). Essentially this allows even Windows users to try out.
It is compatible at least with VirtualBox and ESXi.

We recommend strongly to consider the security notes provided on the
download page. We call it a DEMO because we do not recommend production
use of this virtual appliance. It is just a plain OpenVAS installation
on a standard Debian GNU/Linux, nothing more and nothing less.

Currently we have only a rsync service for download.
We welcome mirror sites. Please let the OpenVAS Team know if you can
offer one with high bandwidth.

Changes with Version 2.0 compared to Version 1.0:

* Updated base system (including all Debian security fixes)
* Updated NVT/SCAP/CERT Feeds (covering recent comprehensive updates)
* Updated to newest OpenVAS-6 maintenance releases (including recent security 

So, if you are running Version 1.0 and took care of all these updates
yourself, you do not need to switch to Version 2.0.

Best regards

  Jan-Oliver Wagner

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