Dear Greenbone/OpenVAS Users,

over the past 10 years the feed grew to over 50,000 NVTs.
After a full decade it is a good time to clean up the attic.
In terms of NVTs and in terms of quantity this is solely about
authenticated checks for updates of operating systems, also
referred to as "Local Security Checks" (LSCs).

There are thousands of NVTs in the Feed about operating
systems where we issue end-of-live alerts already since years.
I pretty much hope no one in the community still uses
Debian "potato" 2.2 or a Gentoo in the state of year 2005
to just give an example.

There are about 15,000 LSC NVTs from 2010 and before, which we plan
to remove in the coming weeks. We will not remove any remote,
detection or base checks, regardless of their age.

The Greenbone Community Feed (GCF) will become lighter, and some
routines will become faster. However, we will keep those NVTs in the
Greenbone Security Feed (GSF) for the reasons of policy and of
service level agreement. And to be honest, in enterprise networks
we occasionally even detect such old systems kept alive for
industrial processes.

Best regards


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