Dear Greenbone/OpenVAS users,

as you have noticed from our recent works, we are advancing the community
infrastructure to a modern and also to a leaner level. At the same time
we continue to work on the branding confusion as explained in the announcement
from June 2nd 2017.

Modern infrastructure

The switch to a modern infrastructure already happened for the source code 
management. The migration from SVN (Subversions) to GIT is accomplished and
we regard it a great success since we reach out to far more developers than

The next step will be to migrate the mailing lists to a forum platform.
We have to accept the fact that mailing lists do mean a hurdle for new users
and they keep staying away or flood our general email addresses.

So, instead of the classic MailMan-managed lists we will offer a
Discourse-managed forum. This new community portal is already online and
we will keep it running in parallel to the mailing lists for a while. But the
mailing lists will eventually be closed down. Those of you who like emails
can configure their community portal account to a mailing list mode.

Please visit the new community portal at:

The content just started from scratch, but it will populate quickly.
If you don't find an appropriate category yet, please send your topic
to the mailing list like you did in the past.

New categories will be announced to the respective mailing list during the
transition phase.

Lean infrastructure

In the past we tried to achieve too many things and this ended up in several
outdated or insufficiently maintained topics. We will focus on less aspects,
but the ones we keep will be well maintained.

For the "Try Out" topic of the website, we will focus only livedemo, GCE and
source code. Packages should be support by (and at) the respective
distribution. We do not want to give preference for one of them, but of
course we support all packagers.

Next, the community was so far divided into "users" and "developers". But
in fact there is no real separation and we will handle all services and
information towards simply "the community".

Best regards

  Your Greenbone Team

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Greenbone Networks GmbH, Neumarkt 12, 49074 Osnabrück | AG Osnabrück, HR B 
Geschäftsführer: Lukas Grunwald, Dr. Jan-Oliver Wagner
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