Hi all,
  Please let me know if this is not the right email list for question like 
this:  I want to scan a vm whose max session allowed is 1 (MaxSessions in 
/etc/ssh/sshd_config). But I keep getting the following ssh error

018-06-13T17:51:01.802753+00:00 VM sshd[11231]: Connection from port 
46116 on port 22

2018-06-13T17:51:01.932013+00:00 VM sshd[11029]: error: no more sessions

2018-06-13T17:51:01.934621+00:00 VM sshd[11029]: Close session: user scanning 
from port 49760 id 0

2018-06-13T17:51:01.934822+00:00 VM sshd[11029]: channel_by_id: 0: bad id: 
channel free

2018-06-13T17:51:01.935009+00:00 VM sshd[11029]: Disconnecting: 
server_input_channel_req: unknown channel 0

2018-06-13T17:51:01.937779+00:00 VM sshd[11022]: pam_unix(sshd:session): 
session closed for user scanning

I already set the max_checks to 1.  Does OpenVas have to use more than one 
session ?
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