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> Hi,
> On 15.02.2017 16:26, tatooin wrote:
> > I'm using openvas to scan my company networks which contains  both
> > static IP hosts and DHCP hosts. I am looking at a way to better identify
> > dynamic hosts, through more static informations such as MAC address and
> > Hostname.
> maybe have a look at the "use_mac_addr" setting explained here:
> http://docs.greenbone.net/GSM-Manual/gos-3.1/en/scan_configuration.html#general-preferences
> which describes:
>  C
> > use_mac_addr: Systems will be identified by MAC address and not by IP
> address. This could be beneficial in a DHCP environment.
> The new asset management in the upcoming OpenVAS 9 might also help as it
> is also keeping various host identifiers beside the IP.

Thanks for the reply Christian. I am considering use_mac_addr setting,
but I'm a bit afraid this will replace IP addresses by MAC address
everywhlacks  ere in the reports, while I would actually need both
information. As I already have static IP networks, replacing IP address
by MAC address there will only complexify remediation effort. 

The documentation lacks details, but this setting is boolean: yes or no.
There is no in-between.

I will closely have a look at OpenVAS 9 to see where it goes on that

I was also thinking about embedding external tools in OpenVAS which
could be run before IP scans actually start. One of this tool is
nbtscan, which has the huge benefit of identifying hostname and MAC
address associated to an IP address. Which in the end provide uniq
authentication of the host. This doesn't work all the time, but from
what I've seen so far it works quiet well.

However, I'm wondering how this could be integrated in OpenVAS. I have
not seen any option to launch scripts before testing. Is there any
flexibility in OpenVAS to run a particular command, such as nbtscan,
before probes are sent against an host, to ease asset identification ? 

Thanks a lot

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