I recently went from 8 to 9 and also had issues with the SCAP and CERT database 
Turned out the scripts wanted to change my database but had no rights to make 
the changes .. I eventually fixed that and got rid of the errors but I do not 
see any data.
To be honest I gave up for now, not sure if missing it really makes a big deal 
for me. (what am I missing really? Someone let me know if I should care)

Thijs Stuurman
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Verzonden: woensdag 17 mei 2017 16:40
Onderwerp: [Openvas-discuss] SCAP / CERT Databases missing

Dear All,

I have latest versions of kali (4.9.0) and OpenVas (9.0) on a USB stick with 
Everything is setup and running, EXCEPT the fact that I get a warning in GSA 
that SCAP or CERT databases are empty. Followed the instructions for the 
corresponding feed syncs, but no change whatsoever...

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

Panagiotis Leontios
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