Today i downloaded the virtual appliance and set it up.  The version # i
see upon logging in to Web UI is GreenBorne OS 4.0.5.   I am getting 2
notifications in the Web UI.
(1)  SCAP and/or CERT Database missing on the OMP Server
(2) The NVT Feed is 14 days old.

As for (1), I have clicked on the Run Feed Update option in the virtual
appliance menu. If i do a "ps -ef | grep sync" in the command line, i see
there are 2 process running " ./bin/sh /usr/bin/greenborne-nvt-sync" and "
"/usr/bin/greenborne-feed-sync".  But these are running forever.  I have
1GBPS connection and it shouldn't take this long to update a feed.
(2) When i was setting up the Virtual appliance, i clicked on update the
feed now option.  Why does this process then download a NVT feed that is 14
days old in the first place ?

I created a ticket with Greenborne support and they are saying version
4.0.5 is unsupported.  I am surprised that OpenVAS (being a security
product) is still publishing this version for users. How can i get a
Virtual appliance with the latest Greenborne OS version in that case ?

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