Yes, Radius support should work. Please make sure that you compiled the
Libraries with Radius Support enabled. Like it is described in


On Thu, 8 Feb 2018 14:30:33 +0000
Christiaan De Vries <christiaan.devr...@evros.ie> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I have a machine running Ubuntu 16.04.3 with the gsa on 7.0.2, the
> manager on 7.0.1 and the scanner on version 5.1.1 and have a question
> regarding Radis authentication.
> Does anybody here know whether Radius authentication should work, or
> has it working on the above combination of binaries?
> (I might be missing a packages, or a configuration file).
> Any help (or links to help!) would be greatly appreciated!
> Thanks and regards,
> Christiaan de Vries
> Evros Quality and Compliance Manager

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