gvmd is the new name of openvasmd (OpenVAS 9 trunk.. not in the latest on the 
I do use an entire stack on my slaves, just without gsad.

> The url says to add a listen= port=9393 for openvasmd on the slave.

It does not? https://blog.haardiek.org/setup-openvas-as-master-and-slave.html 
uses 9390 coupled to openvasmd (gvmd in my case, same thing).

I have checked my saved credentials for the slaves and “Allow insecure use” is 
set to No
On my slaves I have created one account:

gvmd --create-user=slave --role=Admin && gvmd --user=slave 
(or substitute gvmd with openvasmd)

That’s the account I added to my master to use though OMP Slave using port 9390.
My slaves start openvasmd (gmvd) as:

gvmd --rebuild
gvmd -p 9390 -a

I guess 9393 will work as well but I don’t know where you got that from.

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Onderwerp: Re: [Openvas-discuss] Scanner Master Slave setup

The url says to add a listen= port=9393 for openvasmd on the slave.  The 
master will then use just the scanner on the slave not the entire OpenVAS stack 
of the slave (even though you need to install all of it).

The Allow Insecure option is on the username/password credential created and 
assigned to the scanner config on the master.  They slave is only setup with 
the admin account.  No other users and/or roles need to be setup there.

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