Works fine here and it connects to the openvasmd process, not redis.

root@ivss:~# omp -v -u admin -w XXX --xml='<help/>'

WARNING: Verbose mode may reveal passwords!

Will try to connect to host, port 9390...
Sending to manager: <help/>
Got response:
<help_response status_text="OK" status="200">
    AUTHENTICATE           Authenticate with the manager.
    COMMANDS               Run a list of commands.

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Namens Abdallah El.Damiry
Verzonden: dinsdag 6 maart 2018 09:43
Onderwerp: [Openvas-discuss] OMP Execution Problem

Dears ,

I have a problem with OMP command when I'm using it in more than a case and 
it's not working.
- Case 1 :
       # omp -u admin -w pass -g
Output :  failed to acquire socket

- Case 2 : (redis port 6379)
       # omp -u admin -w pass -h -p 6379 --xml='<help/>' -v
Output :  will try to connect to host, port 6379... and no thing else

Finally when I execute openvas-check-setup , the script finishes with: it seems 
like your openvas-9 installation is ok.

Is there is any solution to this issue ?

Thanks in advance.


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