Good afternoon,

I am experiencing authentication issues using either ssh or tls when trying
to authenticate.

Fresh install of openvas9 using the mrazavi/openvas repo.

I am able to issue the following and connect and execute scripts without

openvasmd -c ovsock
gvm_pyshell socket --sockpath ovsock --gmp_username admin --gmp_password
admin ./myscript.gmp

This, however, is leaving multiple openvasmd instances running.

I've run netstat -tulep and see that it is listening on port 6379 and
changed the port values when connecting using TLS. I get a handshake

Using ssh i simply get an authentication failed message.

If there's a configuration item or something else I've missed, I've scoured
the ultraweb in search of it.

Any pointers would be much appreciated.

Chris Morse, CISA, CISM
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