On 14.02.2018 01:03, Andreas Roed wrote:
> I am new to OpenVAS and wanted to try it out. When I did a scan of my OpenBSD 
> router, it found my pfstat running. OpenVAS didn’t know what it was and asked 
> me to send the status to this email. 

thanks for your reply. There are two NVTs concerning services which are
asking to providing info to this mailinglist:

Report banner of unknown services, OID:
OS Detection Consolidation and Reporting, OID:

As you havn't provided the log message of those it wasn't really clear
from your post that you would like to report such an unknown service.

Any chances to provide the info in witch context OpenVAS asked you to
send the status to this mailinglist and the output of this?

Thanks again,


>> On 14 Feb 2018, at 03.12, Christian Fischer 
>> <christian.fisc...@greenbone.net> wrote:
>> Hi,
>>> On 12.02.2018 13:19, Andreas Roed wrote:
>>> I had opened for port 9999 by mistake and openvas found it. The service 
>>> running on it is the stats module of PF (Packet Filter) on my OpenBSD
>> could you provide some more context for this post like:
>> 1. Whats the reason for your post?
>> 2. What outcome are you expecting?
>> 3. Any additional information you would like provide?
>> Regards,


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