A bug has been discovered and confirmed that can peg CPU utilization to 100%
if all of the following are true:

(1) You are running OpenVPN 1.4.0,
(2) you are running on Linux 2.4 or higher,
(3) you are using the --verb 0 option to suppress all output, and
(4) a non-fatal socket error occurs (such as a temporary network outage).

There is a simple workaround available in this patch against 1.4.0:


Patch Usage (from openvpn-1.4.0 directory after fresh tarball extract):

patch < esec-disable.patch && ./configure && make

Alternatively, you can get the fix in the current development tarball:


Or the simplest solution is to just use --verb 1 (the default) until 1.4.1 is
released.  If --verb 1 is too verbose for you, check out --mute which can be
used to lessen the incidence of repetitive messages.  --mute is unaffected by
this bug.


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