OpenVPN 1.5-beta2 is out with quite a few stability improvements
on the Windows platform and additional work on TCP support.

Changes include:

* Win 2000 now supported as well as XP.

* The latest TAP-Win32 kernel driver contains several
  important stability fixes.  If you are upgrading from
  beta1, make sure to uninstall the beta1 driver using
  the device manager, reboot, and reinstall the new

* The TAP-Win32 driver now passes the Windows driver
  verifier with all verification tests enabled including
  low resource simulation.

* Additional work on TCP as a tunnel transport protocol.
  TCP now works correctly with --daemon and can connect
  to dynamic DNS addresses when --resolv-retry is used.
  Breaking a TCP connection produces a SIGUSR1 signal
  in OpenVPN which can then be processed according to
  your --persist-x options.
  In general, I've tried to make TCP mode work as much
  like UDP as possible, including having the client
  always try to reconnect with the server when the
  connection is broken.  Like UDP mode, --remote can
  be used on the server to preclude all but a certain
  address from connecting. 

A lot more material has been added to the Win32 INSTALL
document which can be viewed here, including a mini-HOWTO
on ethernet bridging using Windows clients connecting
to a Linux server.

The tarball and zip file for this beta can be downloaded from the OpenVPN home
page on sourceforge.

I would encourage you to report any bugs or problems with this release, and
I'd also like to hear from you if it's working great!


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