Changes since 2.0.1:

* Fixed regression bug in Win32 installer, introduced in 2.0.1,
  which incorrectly set OpenVPN service to autostart.
* Don't package source code zip file in Windows installer
  in order to reduce the size of the installer.  The source
  zip file can always be downloaded separately if needed.
* Fixed bug in route.c in FreeBSD, Darwin, OpenBSD and NetBSD
  version of get_default_gateway.  Allocated socket for route
  manipulation is never freed so number of mbufs continuously
  grow and exhaust system resources after a while (Jaroslav Klaus).
* Fixed bug where "--proto tcp-server --mode p2p --management
  host port" would cause the management port to not respond until
  the OpenVPN peer connects.
* Modified pkitool script to be /bin/sh compatible (Johnny Lam).


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