To the OpenVPN Community:

I apologize for the longer-than-expected 2.1 release cycle. But I'm actually pleased to announce that there is good news on the horizon. We will likely be getting some funding shortly to organize the OpenVPN project more as a traditional open source business, where support services and commercial licensing will fund paid positions for coordinating maintenance and release cycles. Quite frankly, as OpenVPN has matured, the effort required to maintain the project has gone beyond what a single individual can do in their spare time.

The plan is this: in the short term, we're going to work on catching up with the patch queue and getting 2.1 out the door.

In particular, there is one outstanding issue where we could use a volunteer. The 2.1-rc4 version of the Windows TAP driver, which contains a minor fix for Vista support, is broken on Win2K (When built with the Vista DDK RC 1 and explicitly targeted at Win2K and higher). This is something that needs to be resolved before 2.1 can be released.

Longer term, the OpenVPN prognosis is looking very good. With additional funding being likely, look for improvements in the web site (Wiki, bug-reports/feature-request management), new commercial support offerings, and a possible appliance product. With new funding, we will also push for third party security certification and drafting of a comprehensive RFC that documents the underlying OpenVPN protocol.

If you'd like to be a part of the new OpenVPN team, we are looking for guru-level developers to work on OpenVPN 3. If you are interested, please send your resume to and include "resume" in the subject line.

Best Regards,

Olivier Goudron wrote:
Hello everybody.

I am installing Openvpn for my customers since version 1.5.0 and i am very happy with this software.

Today i am waiting the 2.1 version but i have more and more doubts on the release date.

There's no trace of update since April 2007 (RC4) and nobody know if James is "still alive".

I have to think about using an other software if Openvpn is really dead :-(.

So my questions are :
- James are you alive ?
- James, is Openvpn still alive ?
- If we have no answer does someone want and/or can do a fork ...

Bests regards, Olivier Goudron.

PS : sorry for my English.

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