The OpenVPN community project team is proud to release OpenVPN 2.3.1. It
can be downloaded from here:


This release adds supports for PolarSSL 1.2. It also adds a fix to
prevent potential side-channel attacks by switching to a constant-time
memcmp when comparing HMACs in the openvpn_decrypt function. In
addition, it contains several bugfixes and documentation updates, as
well as some minor enhancements. A full list of changes is available here:


The changelog is also attached to this email.

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Samuli Seppänen
Community Manager
OpenVPN Technologies, Inc

irc freenode net: mattock
Arne Schwabe (4):
      Remove dead code path and putenv functionality
      Remove unused function xor
      Move static prototype definition from header into c file
      Remove unused function no_tap_ifconfig

Christian Hesse (1):
      fix build with automake 1.13(.1)

Christian Niessner (1):
      Fix corner case in NTLM authentication (trac #172)

Gert Doering (6):
      Update README.IPv6 to match what is in 2.3.0
      Repair "tcp server queue overflow" brokenness, more <stdbool.h> fallout.
      Permit pool size of /64.../112 for ifconfig-ipv6-pool
      Add MIN() compatibility macro
      Fix directly connected routes for "topology subnet" on Solaris.
      Preparing for v2.3.1 (ChangeLog, version.m4)

Heiko Hund (5):
      close more file descriptors on exec
      Ignore UTF-8 byte order mark
      reintroduce --no-name-remapping option
      make --tls-remote compatible with pre 2.3 configs
      add new option for X.509 name verification

Jan Just Keijser (1):
      man page patch for missing options

Josh Cepek (2):
      Fix parameter listing in non-debug builds at verb 4
      (updated) [PATCH] Warn when using verb levels >=7 without debug

Matthias Andree (1):
      Enable TCP_NODELAY configuration on FreeBSD.

Samuli Seppänen (4):
      Removed ChangeLog.IPv6
      Added cross-compilation information INSTALL-win32.txt
      Updated README
      Cleaned up and updated INSTALL

Steffan Karger (7):
      PolarSSL-1.2 support
      Improve PolarSSL key_state_read_{cipher, plain}text messages
      Improve verify_callback messages
      Config compatibility patch. Added translate_cipher_name.
      Switch to IANA names for TLS ciphers.
      Fixed autoconf script to properly detect missing pkcs11 with polarssl.
      Use constant time memcmp when comparing HMACs in openvpn_decrypt.

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