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The OpenVPN community project team is proud to release OpenVPN 2.3.4.
It can be downloaded from here:


The most important change in this release is that TLS version
negotiation is no longer used unless it's explicitly turned on in the
configuration files, thus reverting back to the 2.3.2 behaviour as
interoperability issues were encountered in 2.3.3. Other notable
changes include addition of SSL library version reporting, fixing of
SOCKSv5 authentication logic and making serial env exporting
consistent between OpenSSL and PolarSSL. This release also contains a
number of other bug fixes and small enhancements.

The Windows installer I001 has additional code to prevent problems
during install and uninstall if installer bitness is wrong or if the
OpenVPN-GUI or an OpenVPN process is running. The Windows installers
also bundle OpenSSL 1.0.1g, which means that they are immune to the
heartbleed vulnerability:


All Windows users of OpenVPN 2.3-rc2-I001 through OpenVPN 2.3.2-I003
should upgrade their installations immediately.

Experimental Windows installers with NDIS 6 -enabled tap-windows
drivers are also available for Windows Vista and above, here:


Note that it is possible, even if unlikely, that the NDIS 6 drivers
could crash, giving a BSOD. Long story short: please do not use them
on valuable production systems.

A full list of changes is available here:


The changelog is also attached to this email.

For generic help use these support channels:

- - Official documentation:
- - Wiki: <https://community.openvpn.net>
- - Forums: <https://forums.openvpn.net>
- - User mailing list: <http://sourceforge.net/mail/?group_id=48978>
- - User IRC channel: #openvpn at irc.freenode.net

Please report bugs and ask development questions here:

- - Bug tracker and Wiki: <https://community.openvpn.net>
- - Developer mailing list: <http://sourceforge.net/mail/?group_id=48978>
- - Developer IRC channel: #openvpn-devel at irc.freenode.net (requires
  Freenode registration)

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Samuli Seppänen
Community Manager
OpenVPN Technologies, Inc

irc freenode net: mattock

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Arne Schwabe (1):
      Fix man page and OSCP script: tls_serial_{n} is decimal

Dmitrij Tejblum (1):
      Fix is_ipv6 in case of tap interface.

Gert Doering (8):
      IPv6 address/route delete fix for Win8
      Add SSL library version reporting.
      Minor t_client.sh cleanups
      Repair --multihome on FreeBSD for IPv4 sockets.
      Rewrite manpage section about --multihome
      More IPv6-related updates to the openvpn man page.
      Conditionalize calls to print_default_gateway on !ENABLE_SMALL
      Preparing for release v2.3.4 (ChangeLog, version.m4)

James Yonan (2):
      Use native strtoull() with MSVC 2013.
      When tls-version-min is unspecified, revert to original versioning 

Steffan Karger (4):
      Change signedness of hash in x509_get_sha1_hash(), fixes compiler warning.
      Fix OCSP_check.sh to also use decimal for stdout verification.
      Fix build system to accept non-system crypto library locations for 
      Make serial env exporting consistent amongst OpenSSL and PolarSSL builds.

Yawning Angel (1):
      Fix SOCKSv5 method selection

kangsterizer (1):
      Fix typo in sample build script to use LDFLAGS

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