Am 16.08.16 um 16:45 schrieb Steffan Karger:
> As discussed with the development team, we should start moving away from
> ciphers with a small block size.  For OpenVPN in particular this means
> moving away from 64-bit block ciphers, towards 128-bit block ciphers.
> This patch makes a start with that by moving ciphers with a block
> size < 128 bits to the bottom of the --show-ciphers output, and printing
> a warning in the connection phase if such a cipher is used.
> While touching this function, improve the output of --show-ciphers by
> ordering the output alphabetically, and changing the output format
> slightly.
ACK again from me. The patch is not C89 safe:

+  for (int nid = 0; nid < 10000; ++nid)


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