On Fri, Sep 24, 2004 at 01:50:07PM -0600, James Yonan wrote:
> Juanjo,
> Great work on the IPv6 support!

Thanks, Jim ...

> I see there are still a few TODO items,

Indeed, some of them may require code flow changes, mainly because of:
DNS may return A or AAAA records,  iff we _require_ to specify --udp|--udp6 
I think is wise given you DO know/coordinate you r peer's setup), these 

> and of course the OpenVPN project itself is in the transition zone between
> the end of the 2.0 beta series and the start of 2.0 release candidates, so
> I think it would make sense to hold off on merging your contribution until
> after 2.0 final is released.


I've finished ./configure [ --disable-ipv6] [ --enable-unix-sockets ];
tested compilation for the 4 combinations, and testbed runs too.
Expect new patch for tomorrow



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