My buildbots always to fail "fping 4 & 6 -b 3000" tests probably due to 
my ISP.

I have found that simply adding "-R -i 5000" to fping 4 & 6 solves my 
problem completely.

Instead of using all-zeros as the packet data, generate random bytes. 
Use to defeat, e.g., link data compression

-i n
The minimum amount of time (in milliseconds) between sending a ping 
packet to any target (default is 25)

As gert does not want to increase the time taken for bots which do not 
have this problem, I would like to propose that "-R -i $interval" is 
added to t_client.sh.in and $interval be sourced from t_client.rc, where 
it can be configured for each slave uniquely. (default=25)

I am still wrestling with git but I could try to make this change 
myself, if it gets a thumbs up.  As it is such a low priority (effects 
only me) it would seem like a suitable candidate for me to try.
Otherwise, if anybody prefers to apply this for me, I would be most 
grateful :-) (if it is acceptable)


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