Am 09.10.16 um 12:09 schrieb Gert Doering:
> The old code only worked if "struct openvpn*pktinfo" happened to use
> the same structure packing as the CMSG_SPACE() / CMSG_LEN() macros
> (which are part of the official API, see RFC 2292).
> Get rid of "struct openvpn_*_pktinfo" definitions, replace them by
> an opaque buffer sized large enough to fit IPv4 and IPv6 packet info
> messages, as defined by CMSG_SPACE(sizeof(struct ...)).
> On 32 bit platforms, the net result is the same.  On 64 bit platforms,
> the new buffer is bigger than openvpn_pktinfo was, fixing an overflow
> with ipi6_ifindex corruption on reception, and EINVAL on sendmsg().
> The IPv4 related changes are only side effects of using the new buffer.
> Fixes: FreeBSD 10.3/amd64, FreeBSD 9.3/sparc64, OpenBSD 6.0/amd64,
>        NetBSD 7.0.1/i386.
> Note: --multihome for IPv4 on NetBSD is still broken and non-fixable(!)
>        as NetBSD lacks the necessary kernel code for the sendmsg() side.
> Verified that "--multihome works as well as before" on FreeBSD 7.4/amd64,
>        NetBSD 5.1/amd64, OpenBSD 4.9/i386, Linux/x86_64, Linux/i386,
>        OpenSolaris 10 (--multihome needs -D_XPG4_2, see trac #750)

ACK. The last time I looked at the code (Hackathon) I also disliked
these helper structures.


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