On 10/10/16 21:26, Samuli Seppänen wrote:
> Discussed testing procedures for the "Windows: do_ifconfig() after
> open_tun()" patch version 2. While the patch passed cron2's test
> scripts, it was agreed that we should give people a chance to test the
> patch in their environments before releasing 2.4-alpha1.
> Installers that contain the patch are already available here:
> <http://build.openvpn.net/downloads/temp/openvpn-install-2.3_git-do-ifconfig-after-tun-v2-I601-i686.exe>
> <http://build.openvpn.net/downloads/temp/openvpn-install-2.3_git-do-ifconfig-after-tun-v2-I601-x86_64.exe>
> Things/use-cases that should be tested in particular are:
> - Running without OpenVPN-GUI
> - Running without the Interactive Service
> - Running --server (on Windows)
> - Using more than one tap adapter
> - General openvpnserv2 testing
> Mattock will make announcements about these installers (and subsequent
> installers) to the mailing lists as well as forums.

I am now running
on Win10Pro OVPN Server with half a dozen mixed win/linux clients
and also running as a client with second TAP adapter
Using openvpnserv2

So far: No problems!


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