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Place: #openvpn-meeting on irc.freenode.net
Date: Wednesday 23rd November 2016
Time: 20:00 CET (19:00 UTC)

Planned meeting topics for this meeting were here:


The next meeting has been scheduled to a week from now (Wed 30th November), at the same time as today.

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cron, dazo, mattock, plaisthos, snair and syzzer participated in this meeting.


Discussed the OpenVPN 2.4_beta2 release:


Snair produced a new PR with squashed commits for the openvpnserv2 exit-event fix:


After a few minor fixes to the commit message mattock will be able to merge it.

Agreed to try to have all current openvpn-gui PRs merged before OpenVPN 2.4_rc1 release. Mattock will provide a test installer with as many of the PRs as possible to facilitate testing.

Agreed that any "minor" items that don't make it into 2.4_beta2 will be moved to 2.5.

Agreed to try to have all 2.4_beta2 patches ready by tomorrow evening (CET). Mattock then has a chance to make the release on Friday or Saturday morning at latest.


Discussed the OpenVPN 2.3.14 release. Agreed that 2.4_beta2 has priority, so 2.3.14 will need to be postponed to the upcoming week.


Full chatlog has been attached to this email.

Samuli Seppänen
Community Manager
OpenVPN Technologies, Inc

irc freenode net: mattock

(21:02:05) mattock: meeting time?
(21:02:15) cron2: yo
(21:02:32) snair: hi guys..
(21:02:41) mattock: hi!
(21:02:47) cron2: hi!
(21:03:29) syzzer: hi!
(21:04:08) mattock: https://community.openvpn.net/openvpn/wiki/Topics-2016-11-23
(21:04:10) vpnHelper: Title: Topics-2016-11-23 – OpenVPN Community (at 
(21:04:32) mattock: topic page still looks basically the same as last week
(21:05:28) dazo: ahh!
(21:05:38) cron2: we've done quite a bit, but the "must have" is missing one 
important bit :-) - I think the "poor man's NCP" should be a "we really want 
this" (to ease migration away from BF for 2.3 users)
(21:05:41) mattock2 ha abbandonato la stanza (quit: Quit: IRC for Sailfish 0.9).
(21:05:59) cron2: supposedly a v5 in lean and nice is coming up...
(21:07:03) mattock: ok, let this mark the official beginning of this meeting
(21:07:09) syzzer: working on that, yes...
(21:07:23) mattock: and we are discussing 2.3.14 now?
(21:07:38) syzzer: no, 2.4
(21:07:39) dazo: yeah, I've dived quite far down my mail archive .... and I 
don't think I see anything which should have attention being ignored
(21:07:57) dazo: the only minor thing lingering now is a simple man-page update 
(21:07:58) vpnHelper: Title: [Openvpn-devel] [PATCHv2] Document the 
--auth-token option (at www.mail-archive.com)
(21:08:17) dazo: (that is --auth-token, not the new --auth-gen-token which is 
(21:08:33) cron2: mattock: we're following your agenda, thus, 2.4 first :)
(21:08:39) mattock: ok, ic
(21:09:06) mattock: I just had the impression that "poor man's" anything can't 
be related to 2.4 :D
(21:09:34) cron2: mattock: it's pure brilliance - "make a 2.3 client speak to a 
2.4 server AND negotiate AES, even though 2.3 can't do that"
(21:10:02) cron2: dazo: the man page patch is 2.4 and 2.3, right?
(21:10:10) dazo: cron2: yepp
(21:10:43) mattock: cron2: ok
(21:10:59) dazo: I might have found a corner case when using 2.4 server with 
NCP enabled and 2.3.13 client kicked off via NetworkManager .... haven't had 
time to dig into that, but it complains mismatching ciphers
(21:11:23) dazo: starting the "same" connection from the command line works 
just fine
(21:11:46) dazo: starting the exact same connection via NetworkManager using 
2.4_beta1 works fine too
(21:11:50) cron2: my usual answer to this is "log files or it did not happen" 
(21:12:49) dazo: I'm going to dig into it .... and get more details .... 
NetworkManager puts most of the config on the command line, so I'll get a clue
(21:13:11) cron2: ps axwwwwwwwwwu :)
(21:13:28) dazo: (default log level is too low when going via NM)
(21:13:36) mattock: dazo: does network-manager use the config file directly?
(21:13:37) dazo: hehehe
(21:13:40) dazo: nope
(21:14:11) dazo: it imports the config file into some dconf stuff and recreates 
the config as openvpn command line arguments
(21:14:26) mattock: so things can break in that translation
(21:15:47) dazo: yeah, that's what I need to figure out ... where it fails ... 
I've spotted a few things where it sets some options to what it believes 
openvpn uses as default values .... like setting --reneg-sec to 0 when not 
being activated via the GUI, such stupid things 
(21:16:30) dazo: will look into all of this NM stuff the coming days and 
co-ordinate with NM developers
(21:17:30) dazo: (we need to ensure 2.4 will be a success when also using NM)
(21:20:52) cron2: I'll tend to postpone beta2 to Friday (official schedule says 
"today is the day")
(21:21:04) cron2: s/I'll/I'd/
(21:22:48) dazo: I'd like to get the NCP stuff into beta2 ... so either late 
tomorrow or not too late on Friday
(21:23:22) syzzer: I'll make sure to send the updated patch today
(21:23:33) cron2: dazo: that's why :)
(21:23:52) syzzer: I think we already agreed on moved Wed->Thu
(21:23:52) dazo: But I think beta1 has been fairly good so far
(21:24:12) syzzer: because the meetings are on Wed now
(21:24:15) cron2: syzzer: we have, but nobody updated the release schedule.  
Will do now.
(21:24:38) dazo: well, we never "formalized" it ... but we don't to be that 
rigid if we have a few days moving window schedule
(21:24:48) mattock: I can't promise full delivery of 2.4_beta2 on Friday
(21:24:53) dazo: don't need to be
(21:25:02) dazo: mattock: when do you have time?
(21:25:16) snair: I've written a patch for DNS6 by service -- could submit by 
tonight.. would that be too late for 2.4-beta2? 
(21:25:16) mattock: tomorrow or monday would work
(21:25:28) cron2: snair: you keep amazing me :)
(21:25:34) mattock: possibly Friday, but I have lots of other stuff on that day
(21:26:02) dazo: snair: if cron2 (or someone else) gets it reviewed, it might 
pretty much make it .... unless it's too invasive (I don't believe so, though)
(21:26:09) snair: hehe -- I had a draft written a while ago, but ran into some 
trouble.. and busy at work..
(21:26:17) dazo: :)
(21:26:18) mattock: I _think_ all the release machinery _should_ just work(tm), 
so the release should take <3 hours, but there can always be surprises
(21:26:19) cron2: snair: send it as soon as its ready, I'll see I can have a 
(21:26:47) cron2: (I have busy day coming up tomorrow, but should be able to 
sneak in an hour or so)
(21:27:53) snair: cron2: thanks, will do asap (this evening)
(21:30:19) mattock: regarding "must haves" for 2.4.0: "t_client-style "test all 
windows specific options" testbed on windows"
(21:30:58) mattock: is the powershell test suite "good enough", or do we want 
to add some windows-specific t_client tests?
(21:31:42) dazo: mattock: do we have some overview of which features/config 
setups we test with those powershell scripts?
(21:33:25) mattock: dazo: I run basic ping tests against t_client.sh servers, 
plus several (8?) other OpenVPN connections, some against OpenVPN 3 servers, 
some 2.2-based and some 2.3 based
(21:33:25) cron2: mattock: I think we're now testing windows much better than 
we ever did before, so I'd call this "good enough" as far as 2.4 goes - 
eventually, we might reach the point of automatically testing builds on windows 
as well, which would be even greater :-)
(21:33:30) dazo: (udp/tcp, tun/tap, p2p/p2mp modes, static/pki)
(21:33:37) cron2: but for the time being, I'm happy with what you have achieved
(21:33:44) cron2: (and I want an OpenVPN 3 server...!)
(21:33:54) mattock: yeah, me too, it saves tons of time and extends the test 
coverage greatly
(21:34:12) mattock: as opposed to "try on win7 64-bit manually and hope that it 
does not break elsewhere"
(21:34:31) cron2: what about the exit-events?  have you merged that already?  
lost track of service/gui PRs
(21:34:34) mattock: as for other must haves: openvpnserv2 exit-events is 
basically ready for merge: https://github.com/OpenVPN/openvpnserv2/pull/2
(21:34:36) vpnHelper: Title: Exit event v2 (Using C# calls) by xkjyeah · Pull 
Request #2 · OpenVPN/openvpnserv2 · GitHub (at github.com)
(21:34:37) mattock: ah :)
(21:34:42) cron2: lol
(21:34:54) mattock: the only missing piece is squashing a few commits
(21:35:51) dazo: have we documented all our testing in a text matrix?  So we 
know what we test where? .... we should probably start thinking about some more 
formalized testing, classify them as Tier 1, 2 or 3
(21:36:19) mattock: we could publish t_client test server setups maybe?
(21:36:41) cron2: ... and enhance them to add challenge-response stuff...
(21:37:09) dazo: I think that cron2's and mine t_client.rc differs a bit too 
... so that's why we should have some common ground on these things, and yeah 
document what we test :)
(21:37:44) mattock: yeah, my t_client.rc was also different/obsolete for quite 
a while (ran only tests 1 and 2)
(21:37:51) dazo: agreed, challenge-response is an important thing to test .... 
not commonly used by our users, but still important
(21:38:55) dazo: is this something we could (ab)use Travis to do for us as 
well?  Run tests on a regular basis and report back to some nice test matrix 
(21:39:11) mattock: snair: regarding C# events... as xkjyeah has went hiding, 
perhaps you could create a new PR with the commits squashed?
(21:39:53) mattock: right now Travis only reacts to GitHub events
(21:40:08) mattock: I assume it builds PRs and commits?
(21:40:37) snair: mattock: ok, I'll issue a P with my branch where its already 
squashed -- just take a look at how authorship is credited as it now involves 
one commit with two authors. 
(21:40:51) snair: P->PR
(21:41:09) dazo: It would be good to have some Tier 1 tests being run on github 
events, then on once or twice a week running a Tier 2 test case (adding more 
extensive tests not covered in Tier 1) and for releases have even more odd 
tests in a Tier 3 setup
(21:42:38) snair: Is there a windows test setup which one could use to test 
patches before submission ? I develop on Linux so its a pain transferring the 
exec to multiple machines (vista/win7/win10) and test. 
(21:42:52) dazo: (and then cron2 and I could have our mixed blend of "Tier 0" 
tests running on git-push as today)
(21:44:44) cron2: snair: this is what I do... build on ubuntu 14.04, then copy 
to my win7 VM for testing.  We want to make this more automated but have not 
done anything yet (at least, not that I'm aware of).  We discussed using wpkg 
or chocolatey for "automated software -> win" distribution...
(21:45:15) cron2: mattock: did you find time to look into this?
(21:46:41) mattock: cron2: not yet, too busy as snair and chipitsine have been 
improving openvpnserv2, openvpn-gui and openvpn-build, and with all this 2.4 
nonsense :P
(21:47:07) snair: mattock: sorry for too many PRs :)
(21:47:11) mattock: :D
(21:47:46) mattock: well I actually have trouble keeping up with you guys - no 
way to develop anything of my own, just have to review stuff and build test 
(21:47:51) mattock: but that is good, of course
(21:47:58) mattock: and run various tests
(21:48:15) mattock: I updated the 2.4 release status page: 
(21:48:17) vpnHelper: Title: StatusOfOpenvpn24 – OpenVPN Community (at 
(21:49:42) mattock: ok so basically we're missing only "poor man's NCP" + 
"reindent" in the "must have" category, after snair has provided the squashed 
PR for openvpnserv2
(21:50:37) mattock: so 2.4_beta2 would contain the "must haves" (except 
indenting), and 2.4_rc1 would have as much of the "minor" things as possible?
(21:51:09) dazo: mattock: 2.4_rc1 will primarily be bugfixes ... no new features
(21:51:29) dazo: what doesn't get applied from "minor list" will go to 2.5
(21:52:36) cron2: what about this one
(21:52:40) cron2: https://community.openvpn.net/openvpn/ticket/719
(21:52:42) vpnHelper: Title: #719 (replace ctime with POSIX time format) – 
OpenVPN Community (at community.openvpn.net)
(21:52:59) ***cron2 just went throught the "release/2.4" tracs, bumped a few to 
(21:54:17) dazo: cron2: I'd say it's a bit too late to get that one into 2.4, 
just due to the risk of breaking setups .... but asap after 2.4 is branched 
out, so we get it into the post-2.4 master is good
(21:57:10) mattock: we have quite a few openvpn-gui PRs open, but they don't 
necessarily need to go hand-in-hand with OpenVPN releases
(21:57:19) mattock: as in "only bugfixes after 2.4_beta2"
(21:58:25) dazo: if we have a beta3 (which we really should avoid), we can add 
minor features .... but once we release rc, it should only be fixing what is 
(21:59:17) mattock: #311 needs to be restarted
(21:59:27) snair: mattock: I think we should get dynamic CR and pkcs11 token 
pin into the GUI for 2.4 even if it cant make _beta2? 
(21:59:38) plaisthos [~arne@openvpn/community/developer/plaisthos] è entrato 
nella stanza.
(21:59:40) plaisthos: oh
(21:59:47) plaisthos: well I am 2h late
(21:59:48) cron2: dazo: for "openvpn" I agree, but GUI releases are somewhat 
(21:59:48) mattock: snair: yes, that was what I was thinking
(21:59:54) mattock: plaisthos: 1h
(21:59:56) cron2: plaisthos: 59 minutes only
(22:00:30) dazo: cron2: Agreed ... I'm primarily focused on OpenVPN ("core")
(22:01:00) cron2: snair, mattock: so if you can make 2.4 release and the 
changes do not break stuff too badly :-) that should be fine
(22:02:16) mattock: I can probably produce an openvpn-gui.exe that includes all 
the important openvpn-gui PRs to facilitate testing
(22:02:21) mattock: unless there are merge conflicts
(22:03:08) mattock: three from selva, one from valdikss
(22:03:16) syzzer: *finally*  poor-mans NCP v5 on the list
(22:03:43) mattock: snair: I'd say let's aim to have all the current 
openvpn-gui PRs in 2.4_rc1
(22:03:58) cron2: syzzer: good.  do you have a quick summary for me?
(22:04:25) cron2: ah
(22:04:26) syzzer: I think the "v5" note in the patch itself is a good summary
(22:04:28) snair: vladikss's patch needs a few fixes before ready for beta...
(22:04:54) syzzer: "move code to where I should have placed it in the first 
(22:05:09) cron2: hrhr
(22:05:52) syzzer: and I split off the refactoring, which is now no longer 
needed for the patch itself (but still worthwhile)
(22:06:07) snair: mattock: yes all current GUI PRs in _rc1 should be workable..
(22:06:15) cron2: 2/2 is straightforward (since I reviewed *that* for v4 in 
great detail)
(22:06:26) cron2: wondering about 1/2 now
(22:06:45) syzzer: Hm, 1 newline too in options.h :(
(22:06:49) syzzer: too much
(22:07:08) mattock: mailing list ping pong
(22:07:09) cron2: and I think the prototype in options.h is inside #ifdef 
(22:07:32) cron2: (while the function is now *outside*)
(22:07:33) syzzer: cron2: damn, indeed :/  I did fix it in options.c though :p
(22:08:14) syzzer: as a side note, shouldn't we just get rid of 'ENABLE_OCC' ?
(22:08:55) syzzer: I know plaisthos has a thing for ripping out #ifdefs ;)
(22:09:49) cron2: I'm not convinced this is going to work... v5 unconditionally 
postpones key generation until after PUSH_REQUEST has been received, but that 
requires a client to actually do so
(22:10:05) cron2: I think this breaks tls-server<->tls-client p2p setups
(22:10:36) cron2: s/breaks/might break/ - there's a reason we did it that way 
for the original NCP
(22:10:36) syzzer: that might be true :/
(22:11:24) cron2: the original NCP logic was "if a client sends IV_NCP, it is 
required to also send a PUSH_REQUEST"
(22:11:29) syzzer: indeed
(22:11:36) syzzer: (was just typing that)
(22:12:35) cron2: but without IV_NCP, users could be doing anything - like, 
statically configured clients talking to a p2mp server and not relying on PUSH 
(thus, not using --client or --pull)
(22:14:06) syzzer: that use case is highly annoying...  but let's see what I 
can do.
(22:14:32) cron2: unfortunately that use calls falls squarely into "2.x to 2.4 
migration and not breaking people's stuff" :-(
(22:15:01) cron2: btw...
(22:15:04) cron2:        /* Do not regenerate keys if server sends an extra 
push request */
(22:15:26) cron2: this comment needs work :-) - the server will never *send* a 
push *request*
(22:16:03) cron2: I'm not sure right now if this is server or client side code, 
but anyway, either "server -> reply" or "client -> request" :)
(22:16:44) syzzer: noted
(22:18:38) cron2: mmmh.
(22:18:48) cron2: now, we're looking at the client options there...
(22:19:00) cron2: multi->remote_has_pull_option_set
(22:19:35) cron2: and then "if IV_NCP or remote_has_pull_option -> postpone key 
(22:19:38) cron2: what about this?
(22:20:19) cron2: (it will break your options_string_extract_option() code, I 
think, as that will not catch boolean ones - and I'm not sure if "pull" is in 
that list anyway)
(22:21:34) syzzer: no, "pull" is not in the list :(
(22:21:44) cron2: *sigh*
(22:22:06) mattock: still one more round?
(22:22:23) cron2: mattock: we definitely need a v6...
(22:22:48) mattock: ok, what if we try to conclude the meeting before going any 
(22:22:54) cron2: syzzer: in that case we could use "if IV_NCP *or* (we need to 
do poorman)" instead?
(22:23:14) syzzer: cron2: yes, that's what I was thinking
(22:23:15) cron2: mattock: syzzer and I can move over to -devel for this
(22:23:26) mattock: as in: do we have anything else 2.4_beta2 related that 
(22:23:28) syzzer: that it only won't work if it wouldn't have worked anyway
(22:23:56) syzzer: wrt meeting, should we discuss anything about The Great 
(22:24:01) syzzer: uh, Reformatting :p
(22:24:05) mattock: :P
(22:24:20) mattock: maybe that can wait until 2.4_rc1 has been released?
(22:24:28) mattock: if the goal is to reformat before 2.4.0
(22:24:41) dazo:     December 1st - 2.4_rc1 Only really needed and critical bug 
fixes allowed. This is also the time where we change to a unified coding style 
across the whole source code. 
(22:24:50) cron2: I agree - let's postpone that to next wednesday
(22:25:24) mattock: ah, there is conflicting info on the status page
(22:26:06) cron2: dazo is da boss
(22:26:07) mattock: conflicting info gone now
(22:26:47) mattock: has the schedule been adjusted for the delays we've had / 
will have?
(22:27:01) mattock: or do we think Dec 1st is still reasonable?
(22:27:21) mattock: as a _goal_
(22:27:42) dazo: We should really try to not delay much after Dec 1st for rc1
(22:27:44) cron2: aim for that, at least.  We'll know next wednesday (Nov 30)
(22:27:49) dazo: agreed
(22:28:35) dazo: if it slips to Dec 2nd, that's okay ... but that's a friday, 
which really should be the latest (unless we put in some work hours during the 
(22:30:38) snair: weekend is my only work hours :)
(22:31:20) mattock: guys: any suggestions on how to handle multiple authors in 
Git commit messages? In particular here: 
(22:31:22) vpnHelper: Title: Exit event v2 by selvanair · Pull Request #6 · 
OpenVPN/openvpnserv2 · GitHub (at github.com)
(22:31:23) cron2: my work ours are "when the kids sleep" or "just ignore my 
customers" :)
(22:32:33) cron2: so - anything else on 2.4?
(22:32:37) mattock: I expect dazo to have a clear and correct answer to the 
question above?
(22:32:52) mattock: cron2: not afaics, except for the minor detail I asked 
about a few lines above
(22:33:01) mattock: once that is solved, exit-event will get merged
(22:33:06) cron2: the multiple authors thing?  no idea
(22:33:37) mattock: I don't really mind much if the commit message remains as 
it is, even though it is a bit messy to look at :P
(22:33:51) cron2: the commits I had that "evolved" over time with multiple 
people working on them had one author, and the other author(s) listed in the 
commit text
(22:33:54) dazo: mattock: decide whom will have the --author tag ... and credit 
the other one with "Authored-By: ", "Co-Authored-By:", "Origin-Author:" or 
something similar in the commit message
(22:34:21) cron2: dazo: so there any be only one --author, period?
(22:34:27) mattock: Co-Authored-By sounds reasonable
(22:34:29) dazo: correct
(22:34:44) ***cron2 makes note to use Co-Authored-By in future
(22:35:15) mattock: snair: does "Co-Authored-By" sound good to you? 
(22:35:36) dazo: the commit message "tag" (Co-Authored-by) isn't a strict 
regime, just something which describes the intention of the secondary meta-data
(22:35:55) snair: mattock: I couldn't finda way to get two --author into one 
commit. So added the date: and Author: for second asa part of the commit 
message and two signed-off authors.
(22:36:20) mattock: I'd set --author to the one who has written most of the 
code in the squashed commit, and mention the other author with 
"Co-Authored-By", and strip away xkjyeah's original commit message 
(22:36:35) dazo: on that note ... We could improve how we tag our Trac tickets 
.... I've tried to use: Trac: $NUM  .... or Trac: #$NUM  right before the 
Signed-Of-By ... but in the same "block"
(22:36:49) dazo: (makes it easier to parse by script later on if we want to do 
(22:37:03) dazo: mattock: sounds reasonable
(22:37:16) mattock: I can make a suggestion in the PR
(22:37:40) mattock: so 2.3.14 quickly: postpone to post-2.4_beta2 release time 
I assume?
(22:37:42) dazo: mattock: you're the master of that project ... you can decide 
this on the go, no need to be too explicit :)
(22:38:24) dazo: $ git shortlog v2.3.13..gitlab/release/2.3
(22:38:24) dazo: David Sommerseth (1):
(22:38:25) dazo:       Document the --auth-token option
(22:38:25) dazo: Gert Doering (2):
(22:38:25) dazo:       Repair topology subnet on FreeBSD 11
(22:38:26) dazo:       Repair topology subnet on OpenBSD
(22:38:27) dazo: Lev Stipakov (1):
(22:38:29) dazo:       Drop recursively routed packets
(22:38:31) dazo: Selva Nair (1):
(22:38:33) dazo:       Support --block-outside-dns on multiple tunnels
(22:38:36) dazo: anything else we want to see in 2.3.14?
(22:39:16) cron2: there's a number of bugs with milestone 2.3.14, so we could 
try to get a few done :)
(22:39:34) dazo: fair enough, then it will be after 2.4_beta2, I'd say
(22:39:37) cron2: or just release 2.3.14 and bump all these to 2.3.15
(22:39:38) cron2: yes
(22:40:00) dazo: From the shortlog, I don't see anything which can't wait a 
little bit longer
(22:40:14) mattock: snair: I made a suggestion for the commit message here: 
(22:40:16) vpnHelper: Title: Exit event v2 by selvanair · Pull Request #6 · 
OpenVPN/openvpnserv2 · GitHub (at github.com)
(22:41:05) ***cron2 doesn't feel like "do anything openvpn-related but NCPv6 
and DNS6" tomorrow (lack of time)... and friday won't see me do anything 
openvpn-related before mattock disappears for the weekend - so 2.3.14 won't 
happen this week
(22:41:06) dazo: mattock: if you can manage to get a full name, that'd be even 
(22:41:22) mattock: next week
(22:41:28) dazo: ack!
(22:41:48) snair: mattock: OK will fix the PR. 
(22:41:57) mattock: and the 2.4_beta2 patches will be ready tomorrow evening 
(22:42:02) mattock: snair: excellent, thanks!
(22:42:09) cron2: mattock: that's what I'm aiming for
(22:42:25) dazo: I can roll beta2 as soon as cron2 is happy with NCP and DNS6 :)
(22:42:41) mattock: if all is ready by tomorrow evening, I may just be able to 
push out 2.4_beta2 on Friday, or Saturday morning at latest
(22:42:54) dazo: sounds good to me
(22:43:41) mattock: ok, so we're done for today then?
(22:43:48) cron2: good
(22:43:50) cron2: yes
(22:43:51) dazo: Tomorrow I'll be "offline" between 15:00-20:00-ish ... but 
before and after I'll be ready to jump on it
(22:43:55) mattock: we need our beauty sleep to be able to hack tomorrow
(22:44:07) cron2: I'll go watch TV news new, and then return to have a look if 
patches came in
(22:44:20) dazo: :)
(22:44:45) cron2: who and where constructs the occ option string...!?
(22:45:09) dazo: occ is still a mystery to me
(22:45:24) syzzer: there's a function options_string(), iirc
(22:45:55) mattock: ok, I need to head out too
(22:46:02) mattock: good night guys!
(22:46:27) syzzer: good night!
(22:46:56) mattock: ok, next meeting next wednesday?
(22:47:06) cron2: yep
(22:47:12) mattock: ok, noting that in the summary
(22:47:30) dazo: goodie, c'ya!
(22:47:38) ***dazo need to dive into some code again
(22:48:40) snair: g'nite.
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