On Wed, Nov 30, 2016 at 11:41:27PM +0100, David Sommerseth wrote:
> +      if ((c->options.topology == TOP_SUBNET || c->options.topology == 
> TOP_NET30)
> +          && (c->c2.push_ifconfig_remote_netmask & 0xff000000) != 0xff000000)

Are you sure of that?  I would assume that this is stored in network
byte order (as it's an in_addr_t) so you can't directly compare it to
a number but need to run through ntohl() first.

On *intel* it might end up being the same, but code dealing with IPv4
addresses and ports always needs to be checked on both endiannesses.

Some random code I just found in a BSD header file does it that way:

#define INADDR_ALLHOSTS_GROUP   (u_int32_t)0xe0000001   /* */
#define in_allhosts(x)  ((x).s_addr == htonl(INADDR_ALLHOSTS_GROUP))   

... so it certainly needs the htonl()

(What you can do is "peek at byte 0", which will always be the same
part of the netmask [network byte order!], and which might actually
make this easier to read .-) )

USENET is *not* the non-clickable part of WWW!
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