On 02/12/16 02:45, debbie10t wrote:
> My east.conf file:
> # cat server/east.conf
> ### TESTS
> #
> ## systemd enhancements: failed as expect
> ;bad-opt
> ## daemon: Did *not* fail when run from systemd service
> daemon vpn-srv-east

This is just as expected.  Having --daemon in the config should not
cause any failure.  It should just drop trying to daemonize if it is
detected that OpenVPN is started via systemd.

Look at init.c:930, possibly_become_daemon()

If sd_notify() returns a value > 0, then OpenVPN is started via
systemctl - as sd_notify() have a communication channel with the service
manager, and it will not try to daemonize.

If sd_notify() returns 0, it means it don't know how to communicate with
the service manager.  And < 0, it means something bad happened.  In both
these cases, openvpn will daemonize as if it was not managed by systemd
at all.

So your test showed that this worked just as expected :)

kind regards,

David Sommerseth
OpenVPN Technologies, Inc

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