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Place: #openvpn-meeting on irc.freenode.net
Date: Wednesday 14th Dec 2016
Time: 20:00 CET (19:00 UTC)

Planned meeting topics for this meeting were here:


The next meeting has been scheduled to a week from now (Wed 21st December), at the same time as today.

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dazo, krzee, mattock, plaisthos, selvanair and syzzer participated in this meeting.


Agreed to merge, and merged, the following pull requests:



Discussed the OpenVPN 2.4_rc2 release:


Made some changes to the Great Reformatting script. The modified versions were sent to the list for review.

Decided to run the reformatting patch (produced by the above script) through buildbot before merging it to the main Git repositories. This helps ensure the quality of the reformatted codebase.

Decided to aim for a release on Friday 14th December.


Discussed broken MacOS X Travis builds:


Plaisthos did not have a neat solution to this problem. Either the build needs to be fixed or unit tests skipped on OS X.


Full chatlog has been attached to this email.

Samuli Seppänen
Community Manager
OpenVPN Technologies, Inc

irc freenode net: mattock

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dazo!~dazo@openvpn/corp/developer/dazo a 21:02:40 su 14/12/2016
(21:06:53) mattock: hi!
(21:06:55) krzee: hey mattock, time for a 2.4 changelog link here i think 
(21:06:56) vpnHelper: Title: Change Log (at openvpn.net)
(21:07:26) mattock: krzee: I will do my best :)
(21:07:45) mattock: the Joomla installation is quite "entangled" as James would 
(21:07:55) dazo: :)
(21:08:09) mattock: so I'm not entirely sure where to find that particular 
page, and whether it's dynamically created or not
(21:08:28) krzee: oh i see
(21:09:03) mattock: anyways, I'll put that to my TODO
(21:09:09) krzee: no biggie anyways, i figured it was just overlooked
(21:09:14) dazo: I think openvpn tech should just shutdown their joomla and 
move over to a wordpress.com hosted site ... it's not that expensive for a 
company as they are
(21:09:15) mattock: yeah, it was
(21:09:49) mattock: dazo: the problem is that lots of stuff has been integrated 
to Joomla, so getting rid of it easily is not possible
(21:09:57) dazo: ahh :/
(21:10:06) dazo: mattock: cron2 can't come today ... and syzzer will be a bit 
(21:10:34) mattock: we already started the migration to Wordpress, and most of 
stuff _is_ available on a new site, but the project has stalled
(21:10:38) dazo: (not sure how far syzzer lives from his work ... but he did 
use the bike when we were in Delft, so it can't be that long :))
(21:10:56) mattock: dazo: ok, let's wait a bit for syzzer
(21:11:03) krzee: plus hes super fast on the bike
(21:11:05) dazo: mattock: hehe ... I was just glaring into the crystal ball it 
seems :-P
(21:11:06) krzee: speed racer
(21:11:12) dazo: hehe
(21:12:26) mattock: dazo: are we on schedule with 2.4_rc2?
(21:13:24) dazo: mattock: I would say we're in fairly good shape ... just a few 
minor things with the reformatting ... we need to discuss that with syzzer and 
selvanair today
(21:13:39) mattock: ok
(21:13:52) mattock: both thursday and friday would work for me as far as the 
release goes
(21:14:55) dazo: great ... I think we'll need Friday, to be honest
(21:15:05) selvanair: hi! Sorry to be late ... I just stepped out
(21:15:10) mattock: hi selvanair!
(21:15:17) dazo: the great reformatting patch is massive ....
(21:15:18) dazo:  204 files changed, 66170 insertions(+), 55210 deletions(-)
(21:15:44) dazo: selvanair: no worries, we're not really started yet ... just 
chit-chatting until syzzer appears :)
(21:15:49) selvanair: mattock: did the manifest for tapinstall.exe work out?
(21:15:53) mattock: oh yes, no point in using "git show" to figure out if 
something has changed :D
(21:15:57) selvanair: dazo: good..
(21:16:17) mattock: selvanair: I have not tested the manifest yet, will need to 
look into it
(21:17:26) mattock: which reminds me that I will merge this one: 
(21:17:27) vpnHelper: Title: Fix issue #59 by mattock · Pull Request #62 · 
OpenVPN/openvpn-build · GitHub (at github.com)
(21:17:38) mattock: I wanted to run it through Travis first
(21:18:09) selvanair: mattock: that one builds fine now..
(21:18:41) mattock: yes, and it has a squashed label renaming patch in it
(21:19:27) mattock: selvanair: when do you think we could merge this one: 
(21:19:29) vpnHelper: Title: Simplifiy user choices and always install openvpn, 
dlls and services by selvanair · Pull Request #63 · OpenVPN/openvpn-build · 
GitHub (at github.com)
(21:19:47) mattock: last comment was "more tests are needed"
(21:20:43) selvanair: mattock: I did a fair amount of tests, but more tests are 
always good :)
(21:20:55) selvanair: and review..
(21:21:12) mattock: ok, I will see what I can do
(21:22:02) mattock: does https://github.com/OpenVPN/openvpn-gui/pull/107 match 
what supergregg tested and approved in 
https://community.openvpn.net/openvpn/ticket/772 ?
(21:22:03) vpnHelper: Title: Load icons at sizes given by DPI-dependent system 
metric by selvanair · Pull Request #107 · OpenVPN/openvpn-gui · GitHub (at 
(21:22:17) syzzer: yes, home!
(21:22:29) dazo: :)
(21:22:34) mattock: hi syzzer!
(21:22:35) selvanair: mattock: yes it does
(21:22:45) selvanair: hi syzzer 
(21:22:51) syzzer: hi all :)
(21:23:01) mattock: selvanair: would you be confident with merging it? I can't 
really review or test it
(21:24:00) selvanair: mattock: I expect no issues -- tested on win7 and win10 
here and by supergregg on win10
(21:24:31) mattock: ok, I will merge the PR then
(21:25:27) mattock: done
(21:25:37) mattock: so dazo and syzzer: code reformatting?
(21:25:50) mattock: oh and selvanair of course :)
(21:26:04) syzzer: yes, let's get it over with
(21:27:12) dazo: I just noticed that there were several changes on the wiki 
page which had not been captured in the config I added to the git tree
(21:27:30) syzzer: if david processes Selva's latest remarks (add sp_bool, 
iirc) and pushes a new branch, we can proceed I think
(21:27:34) dazo: so I'll need to add that new config, re-run the reformatting 
and do a force push again
(21:27:40) syzzer: send script to the list for an ACK first?
(21:28:04) dazo: sure can do
(21:28:16) dazo: it's actually quite a few new files
(21:28:51) selvanair: Yeah, start with the script commit as it includes the 
uncrustify config as well..
(21:28:51) syzzer: yeah, I've looked at it yesterday
(21:29:13) syzzer: the scripts could be polished here and there, but I don't 
think it's worth it
(21:29:43) dazo: if you have some really ugly details, lets do them after this 
(21:30:06) syzzer: no, nothing too bad
(21:30:09) dazo: but yes, that script isn't very polished from my side as well
(21:30:13) syzzer: some quoting iirc
(21:30:24) krzee: shell scripts?
(21:30:43) syzzer: but this is not something meant for distributing to users
(21:30:46) syzzer: yep
(21:30:48) krzee: i could take a look, where are they?
(21:31:08) dazo: krzee: 
(21:31:09) vpnHelper: Title: dev-tools/reformat-all.sh · reformatting · OpenVPN 
/ openvpn · GitLab (at gitlab.com)
(21:31:41) dazo: krzee: it might be fairly bash oriented though ... as that's 
what my fingertips knows best :)
(21:31:45) selvanair: and a whitespace error in after and before patches
(21:31:53) krzee: sweet im better at bash
(21:32:20) krzee: should i assume bash, so i can kill single [ in favor of [[ ?
(21:32:53) krzee: :D
(21:33:18) dazo: I think cron2 would appreciate if his bsd boxes with posix 
shells would chew it without choking :)
(21:33:33) krzee: haha ok, so ill just fix quoting and such
(21:33:40) krzee: i definitely see some
(21:35:04) syzzer: yeah, that was my first though: use /bin/sh to make it more 
(21:35:56) dazo: yeah ... I don't have any boxes to test it on ... so I used 
bash as default, to at least set the expectations 
(21:36:36) krzee: damn you basically never quote
(21:37:05) syzzer: sure, I wouldn't have made a point of it anyway.  But if 
krzee can do some magic to the script, that's of course very welcome ;)
(21:37:05) dazo: but!  one thing though ... code_width=80
(21:37:19) dazo: and what we agreed upon in the 2014 hackathon was:
(21:37:20) dazo: line length?
(21:37:20) dazo:     "stick to what we have for now", do not reformat 
(21:38:03) dazo: yeah, if krzee (which is a far better sh guru than me!) can 
clean it up a bit, I'll appreciate that
(21:38:09) syzzer: oh, damn, I really thought we had figured it out now :p
(21:38:19) dazo: :)
(21:38:53) dazo: there are plenty of the code which gets fairly ugly due do 80 
chars ... I'm not saying we can't have such a goal in the long run
(21:38:55) syzzer: ok, I guess no code_width=80 then
(21:38:58) selvanair: The linewidth=80 limit does makes automatic wrapping 
quite ugly at some places
(21:39:02) krzee: sure, im starting with quotes and stuff, but id be happy to 
try and port it to sh once i do whatever needs to be done to be able to use the 
(21:39:08) dazo: but for this reformatting, I think it's wise not to have it
(21:39:22) dazo: krzee: I'm very thankful!
(21:39:34) syzzer: krzee: yes, awesome!
(21:40:19) dazo: if noone have issues with at least taking the line lenght out 
of the reformatting for now ... we can discuss it later on what to do for the 
(21:40:37) selvanair: Would 100 chars for the reformatting and then limit to 80 
chars as a policy work better?
(21:40:55) selvanair: I meant a future policy..
(21:42:28) dazo: I personally would prefer 100 chars being the general future 
policy in our code
(21:43:00) dazo: going to 80 will require refactoring nested code, which there 
is quite some of 
(21:43:21) selvanair: 100 or even 120 is fine with me.. I feel limited by 80.
(21:43:24) syzzer: I think we should just stick to 'use 80 for new patches'
(21:43:56) syzzer: either way, if we agree to not enforce 80 for the 
reformatting, we can discuss that later
(21:44:05) selvanair: For reformatting omitting linewidth may be the best 
option then
(21:44:11) dazo: I'm generally fine with 80, when the complete source is 
aligned around that ... but openvpn's code isn't really that
(21:44:54) syzzer: indeed, so let's leave the 80 in the CodeStyle page, but not 
enforce it for reformatting
(21:44:58) dazo: for reformatting now, we will save quite some "wtf happened 
here?!?" moments when looking at the reformat patch
(21:45:09) selvanair: syzzer: +1
(21:45:14) dazo: fair enough
(21:48:34) syzzer: (most code I touch has been rewrapped already anyway, hehe)
(21:49:43) dazo: :)
(21:49:47) krzee: dazo: www.ircpimps.org/reformat-all.sh
(21:50:43) krzee: \there it is with proper quoting, i dont know a thing about 
making patches and using git so if you wanna help me with that in msg then id 
be happy to submit it however is more normal
(21:52:22) dazo: the script works at least :)
(21:54:29) syzzer: that looks better :)
(21:55:56) krzee: oh wait tho, i just realized something ill fix
(21:56:02) krzee: gotta kill the cat
(21:56:44) krzee: there, updated
(21:57:30) dazo: every one happy?
(21:58:15) krzee: unless command grouping with { happens to be a bash thing, 
nothing in here is jumping out at me as bash specific...
(21:58:37) krzee: id say lets have cron try this script with diff shabang and 
get me the output if theres issues
(21:58:54) dazo: oh, cool ... I tried to remember to stay away from 'grep -q' 
... as that's a GNU grep thing
(21:59:14) krzee: grqp -q??
(21:59:20) krzee: i swear that cant be gnu
(21:59:26) krzee: i used that in bsd forever
(21:59:47) dazo: -q is GNU ... I think that exploded on some sun/solaris boxes, 
(22:00:01) dazo: or perhaps bsd have it too
(22:00:04) krzee: [root@fbsd /usr/home/krzee]# echo yes |grep -q yes && echo 
test || test2
(22:00:04) mattock: maybe solaris is just missing it
(22:00:05) krzee: test
(22:00:53) krzee: ya i havent had opensol laying around to test with in forever
(22:02:05) dazo: commit 38f98fdccd3eb6995b972fabb0ce4e00d3e3cb76
(22:02:10) dazo: yes, opensolaris
(22:02:45) mattock: so the reformatting script is now "ready"?
(22:02:59) dazo: I think it's in a reasonable shape now
(22:03:20) mattock: ok
(22:03:46) mattock: so is it just "run the script and commit"?
(22:04:03) krzee: keep those scripts coming and one day ill get an updated 
hostmask ;]
(22:04:06) mattock: one thing we could do is point buildbots to a different Git 
repo with the reformatted codebase
(22:04:12) dazo: send script+config to ML ... then get complaints, then run 
script + commit :)
(22:04:14) syzzer: no, first script to the list for ack
(22:04:18) mattock: and see if builds explode
(22:04:32) mattock: syzzer: yeah, makes sense
(22:04:32) dazo: mattock: good idea
(22:04:45) dazo: I've done some local tests here without any issues though
(22:05:01) mattock: buildbots have a nasty habit of finding obscure issues :)
(22:05:25) mattock: plus they do basic smoketesting, so the reformatted 
codebase should not be in a horribly broken at least
(22:05:27) selvanair: I too did some tests -- compared assemblies of some files 
-- before and after the format. All look good..
(22:06:25) selvanair: sure, buildbots exercise more codepaths
(22:07:54) dazo: script sent to the ML now
(22:08:02) mattock: dazo: let me know which Git repo you will put the reformat 
patch for buildbot
(22:08:04) dazo: or, patch with script :)
(22:09:14) krzee: did you ask them to also test it with diff shabang?
(22:10:02) syzzer: I can see what dash thinks of it
(22:10:19) syzzer: once the patch gets through the ml...
(22:10:36) dazo: krzee: no, didn't ask for anything yet
(22:10:40) krzee: ive never used dash but id expect fbsd sh/csh to not have 
(22:11:19) syzzer: dazo: s/0.63/0.64 ;)
(22:11:46) dazo: meh ....
(22:11:57) syzzer: just change on-the-fly
(22:12:04) dazo: I'm "sure" it crashes on 0.63 too!! :-P
(22:12:16) mattock: dazo: do we have an "experimental" branch or something in 
GitHub or SF.net?
(22:12:29) dazo: mattock: just pushed out a branch named 'reformatting'
(22:12:31) mattock: it would be easiest to just point buildbots to a different 
(22:12:32) mattock: ok
(22:12:34) mattock: SF.net?
(22:12:46) dazo: well, it's a forced push ... gitlab, github and stable sf.net 
git repo
(22:12:58) dazo: see the ML from yesterday :)
(22:13:04) mattock: ok, I'll have a look
(22:13:56) selvanair: dazo: I found a type in the config -- see mail, hope its 
not my mail reader..
(22:14:11) dazo: eek ... 
(22:14:44) krzee: time for me to run along, but always feel free to hit me up 
for an extra eye on shell script stuff, since i dont contribute \actual\ code 
i'll jump all over the scripts lol
(22:14:48) selvanair: cut-n-paste from CodeStyle page issue, I suppose..
(22:15:18) dazo: yeah, it should be copy-paste , and removing the line length 
(22:15:21) mattock: dazo: buildbot seems to be using 
git://git.code.sf.net/p/openvpn/openvpn-testing - is that reasonable in 
general, or should we point it to something else?
(22:16:56) dazo: mattock: I'd probably move it to either 
git://git.code.sf.net/p/openvpn/openvpn or 
(22:16:57) vpnHelper: Title: OpenVPN / openvpn · GitLab (at gitlab.com)
(22:17:44) dazo: (as github have some travis ... and then the code is tested 
from several repos ... in case one of them have issues)
(22:18:08) mattock: I'll point it to git://git.code.sf.net/p/openvpn/openvpn 
(22:18:24) syzzer: dazo: pushd/popd not available in /bin.sh
(22:18:32) syzzer: otherwise it seems to work fine
(22:18:44) mattock: not sure if the old build directories need to be nuked or 
not, so I need to do it carefully
(22:18:53) dazo: syzzer: meh ... okay, we can switch out that
(22:19:03) krzee: i had no idea what pushd / popd was, i figured it was a 
system exec
(22:19:19) selvanair: dazo: fwiw, two white space errors in the patches
(22:19:31) dazo: krzee: pushd is a chdir which save where you were ... and then 
popd puts you back
(22:19:39) krzee: oh cool!
(22:19:41) selvanair: pushd/popd are nice though...
(22:19:55) krzee: you can toss that stuff in a subshell with the cd
(22:20:02) krzee: then when you exit subshell you're back
(22:20:18) krzee: that's what i always have done, since i didnt know pushd/popd
(22:20:31) dazo: yeah, it will give the same result :)
(22:20:52) krzee: note { } is command grouping, not subshell, you'll need paren 
( ) for the subshell
(22:21:04) syzzer: indeed, I use subshells for that :)
(22:21:09) dazo: selvanair: you mean the after/before patches?
(22:21:23) selvanair: dazo: yes, not a big deal tho
(22:21:45) syzzer: oh, and good habit to start your script with "set -eu"
(22:21:57) dazo: selvanair: that's actually the output of 'git diff' ... I 
haven't tested this time, but I have broken patches earlier by "fixing" that
(22:22:14) selvanair: ok
(22:24:32) krzee: dazo: updated script at same link, i got rid of pushd/popd
(22:24:56) krzee: since the whole script was wrapped in it, i didnt bother with 
the subshell
(22:25:20) selvanair: dazo: you are right, its from the original..
(22:25:22) krzee: just grabbed the dir before and changed back after
(22:25:49) krzee: but i gotta goto work, bbiaf
(22:26:06) mattock: krzee: have fun!
(22:27:25) mattock: still more changes needed to the script?
(22:28:33) dazo: I'm sending out another script update any minute ... with a 
new reformat
(22:28:43) mattock: dazo: ok
(22:29:13) syzzer: dazo: just sent a mail with my comments to the list
(22:29:17) syzzer: all very minor
(22:33:05) syzzer: oh, and if you're taking the cd approach, just add a trap to 
cd back :)
(22:36:35) mattock: anything else missing from rc2 besides reformatting?
(22:37:12) syzzer: I have one more bugfix waiting (do not reopen tun if cipher 
(22:37:28) syzzer: but I will need to rebase that on the reformatting patch 
before sending it to the list
(22:37:32) mattock: ok
(22:38:23) mattock: chipitsine was asking about the broken Travis builds: 
(22:38:25) vpnHelper: Title: Travis CI - Test and Deploy Your Code with 
Confidence (at travis-ci.org)
(22:38:29) mattock: Xcode builds are failing
(22:38:50) syzzer: yeah, we are aware.  just spoke about it in #openvpn-devel
(22:38:59) syzzer: someone needs to figure out what to do with os
(22:39:00) syzzer: osx
(22:39:08) mattock: plaisthos maybe?
(22:39:11) syzzer: fix the builds, or not run unit tests
(22:40:54) dazo: syzzer: strictly speaking ... is the trap and to cd back truly 
needed?  the script runs in a subshell already
(22:41:26) syzzer: dazo: if you have a subshell you don't need to cd back
(22:41:36) syzzer: either subshell or cd+trap
(22:42:22) dazo: not convinced .... because if you do 'cd /some/dir' inside a 
script .... and make it fail and exit, you're back where you called the script 
in the beginning
(22:42:41) syzzer: dazo: are you sure?  I might be mistaking then.
(22:43:25) syzzer: indeed, my bad
(22:43:59) selvanair: you have the shebang, so you are in a subshell.
(22:44:10) dazo: exactly
(22:45:01) syzzer: perfect, sorry for the noise
(22:45:21) dazo: no worries :)
(22:48:30) dazo: set -eu broke everything :-P
(22:48:36) mattock: the reformatting script is surprisingly large
(22:48:54) mattock: I was expecting one uncrustify line :P
(22:49:29) selvanair: my take was a one liner with a find "*.[ch]" :)
(22:49:29) dazo: it does some sanity checks ... and we do only reformat .c and 
.h files which exists is tracked by git
(22:50:05) dazo: and it checks that everything we've expected to process have 
been processed
(22:50:31) selvanair: dazo: the script is good..
(22:50:32) dazo: plus ... there's a bug in uncrustify 0.64 ... which causes a 
segfault ... hence the pre/post patching, to avoid that crash
(22:50:35) mattock: selvanair: yes, exactly, something blunt like that :)
(22:51:05) mattock: its getting a bit late - are we done with all the important 
stuff for today?
(22:51:09) dazo: and we needed something which would do exactly the same on any 
computer ... so the reformatting can be verified by externals
(22:51:17) mattock: and when can I expect a rc2 tarball? :)
(22:51:29) dazo: during friday, I presume
(22:51:48) dazo: syzzer: any thoughts on if we need to do much manual stuff on 
top of the reformatting?
(22:51:54) syzzer: mattock: I'd like to see if we can get the script committed 
today, so that we can do the ack-on-rebase afterwards
(22:51:54) mattock: ok, gives me some time to review and merge stuff from 
openvpn-build and openvpn-gui
(22:52:38) syzzer: dazo: I think with the removal of code_with=80 the amount of 
manual reformatting required is limited
(22:53:28) syzzer: and as long as we have this huge part in master and 
release/2.4, back porting will be okay, even if we reformat only in master
(22:53:29) selvanair: I would say no manual formatting as there is no end to 
how much could be prettified..
(22:53:43) syzzer: ^^ that
(22:54:08) syzzer: just continue the practice of reformat-when-touched
(22:56:14) dazo: agreed
(22:57:22) dazo: I'm not adding set -eu ... they causes massive havoc, due to 
the grouping ... and it makes it impossible to provide reasonable errors if 
uncrustify or git exits with failures - without adding even more shell code 
.... and to be honest, this script won't be run that often 
(22:57:32) mattock: will old patches not apply on top of the reformatted 
(22:58:13) syzzer: dazo: ok, sounds reasonable
(22:58:21) selvanair: this script may never run again as it applie sto the 
whole code base
(22:58:31) dazo: git apply can be surprisingly good at tackling unexpected 
white-space changes ... but some code may need some rebase work first
(22:58:54) dazo: I will write a new script to be used by patch contributors 
though, but that's for the 2.4.0 release :)
(22:59:04) mattock: I was just wondering if the uncrustify step could be run 
against an old patch to make it compatible
(22:59:18) dazo: uncrustify does not parse patches
(22:59:27) dazo: just C code (in our case)
(22:59:42) mattock: yeah, but it can run on an old, patched file, right?
(22:59:50) dazo: yes
(22:59:56) mattock: and then a new patch can be made based on that
(23:00:00) mattock: or am I just too tired :P
(23:00:14) dazo: (iirc, the kernel git tree have a perl script which applies 
coding style directly on patches ....)
(23:00:19) selvanair: By the way all those sp_arith=Lead etc are meaningless 
without linewidth limitation, right. Still leave them in as an indication of 
preferred style..
(23:00:20) mattock: ah, nice
(23:00:21) dazo: yes, that is correct
(23:00:51) mattock: dazo: ok, then maybe some short doc on how to port patches 
to the reformatted codebase might be useful
(23:01:07) syzzer: selvanair: won't it reformat 'wrong' wrapping too?
(23:01:09) dazo: git rebase .... fix conflicts ... and you have your patch :)
(23:01:19) mattock: well there we have it :D
(23:01:23) selvanair: rebasing old patches is something we always do, isn't it?
(23:01:34) dazo: :)
(23:01:39) dazo: I would say so :)
(23:01:50) selvanair: me too :)
(23:01:55) dazo: sp_arith should fix already wrapped lines which is wrong
(23:02:02) syzzer: dazo: is the script almost ready?  I ready for a final 
review and ACK ;)
(23:03:09) selvanair: dazo: yeah, it might.. that's good
(23:04:01) dazo: syzzer: almost ... had to cleanup the set -eu mess first
(23:04:12) syzzer: woops...
(23:05:10) dazo: mail sent :)
(23:05:19) dazo: it worked at least here before sending it 
(23:06:28) plaisthos [~arne@openvpn/community/developer/plaisthos] è entrato 
nella stanza.
(23:07:11) selvanair: hi plaisthos!
(23:07:48) plaisthos: hi
(23:08:13) plaisthos: wifi in this hotel here is expectional bad
(23:08:29) dazo: I thought that was the default :-P
(23:09:13) syzzer: dazo:  any reason to not use #!/bin/sh now?
(23:09:45) dazo: ehmm ... probably not ..... *grrrr*
(23:09:45) selvanair: eh? is it still /bin/bash?
(23:11:01) dazo: syzzer: is dash happy with this one?
(23:11:12) plaisthos: 30% packet loss
(23:11:23) dazo: I can fix it and push out a v4
(23:11:27) plaisthos: that this ssh session works is more luck than anything 
(23:11:33) dazo: or I can fix it at commit time
(23:11:44) dazo: plaisthos: TCP is working hard now! :)
(23:11:54) syzzer: dazo: yes, all good now!
(23:12:30) syzzer: dazo: commit time is fine
(23:12:57) dazo: good :)
(23:13:16) selvanair: The config matches with CodeStyle too (with linewdith 
(23:13:27) dazo: \o/
(23:13:52) selvanair: :)
(23:14:16) plaisthos: good thing is that my android branch is almost stock, so 
I won't be affected by the big reformat :)
(23:15:08) dazo: hehe :)
(23:18:50) mattock: ok so the script got an ACK \o/
(23:19:17) mattock: anything else to discuss? if not, I will hit the sack
(23:19:21) selvanair: dazo: you have an ACK from Steffan, so we're done today?
(23:20:06) mattock: oh plaisthos: you probably know about this already, but 
just in case: https://travis-ci.org/OpenVPN/openvpn/builds/183908913
(23:20:07) vpnHelper: Title: Travis CI - Test and Deploy Your Code with 
Confidence (at travis-ci.org)
(23:21:05) mattock: read: any suggestions on how to resolve the Xcode Travis 
build failures are welcome :)
(23:23:12) syzzer: dazo: reformat branch on github doesn't seem to be updated/
(23:23:20) dazo: uh?
(23:23:32) syzzer: or did you just not rebase it on master/
(23:23:50) dazo: not the few patches we've applied today
(23:24:02) syzzer: (working on laptop now, this one didn't have the branch 
(23:24:26) dazo: mostly man/doc updates and one configure.ac
(23:24:37) syzzer: but, we need to be able to do a fast forward merge to 
confirm the git sha before merging into master
(23:24:48) dazo: okay, I can do a rebase
(23:25:13) plaisthos: mattock: yeah but also no solution
(23:25:22) syzzer: and the script can be applied to master I think?
(23:25:33) syzzer: as "the commit with the script"
(23:26:01) dazo: done!
(23:26:06) syzzer: good
(23:27:06) syzzer: all commit msgs are ready to be pushed?  as in, can we "git 
merge --ff-only reformatting && git push" once the ACKs came in?
(23:27:38) selvanair: hmm.. the script still has /bin/bash -- so not from 
(23:28:10) dazo: I'm fixing that now ... pushing out the proper one with 
/bin/sh now
(23:28:16) syzzer: hehe
(23:28:37) dazo: should be in master now
(23:29:41) syzzer: good good, one more rebase of 'reformatting' then please ;)
(23:30:41) selvanair: all good, but commit hash in master doesnt match with 
reformatting script commit --- not rebased?
(23:31:29) ***syzzer imaging dazo typing away as a mad man to get everything 
sorted out :p
(23:31:41) selvanair: anyway, this may be better done in peace after the 
(23:31:49) syzzer: have to leave for a bit, back in 10 mins
(23:31:55) selvanair: after one more cu of coffee a least
(23:32:19) dazo: final run now ... then push
(23:35:19) dazo: okay master and reformatting branches should be updated by now
(23:35:27) selvanair: looks good (I mean the hash)
(23:36:01) dazo: :)
(23:36:47) dazo: -rw-rw-r--. 1 davids davids 4.6M Dec 14 22:36 
(23:37:16) dazo: a great patch to kill your browser ... looking at it via 
gitlab/github :-P
(23:37:36) dazo: I need to pack my things and get headed for the train
(23:38:08) selvanair: ok, bye then
(23:38:29) mattock: bye!
(23:38:39) mattock: and this concludes our meeting
(23:38:42) selvanair: g'nite all.
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