On 02-01-17 16:24, SviMik wrote:
>> On 02-01-17 15:26, Gert Doering wrote:
>>> On Mon, Jan 02, 2017 at 03:17:23PM +0100, Alberto Gonzalez
>>> Iniesta wrote:
>>>> I just got this [1] bug report on OpenVPN 2.4 threating all
>>>> certs as expired when upgrading from 2.3. I find this quite
>>>> weird, but until I have some time to test it I thought asking
>>>> here would be faster.
>>> From the bug report:
>>> Mon Jan  2 07:37:10 2017 us=466023 VERIFY ERROR:
>>> depth=0,
>> error=CRL has expired: C=XX, ST=XX, L=XXX, O=None, CN=mycn, 
>> emailAddress=my@email
>>> "what the log says" :-)
>>> 2.4 checks CRLs much more rigidly than 2.3 (precisely: 2.3 had
>>> some built-in checking which only looked at revocations, while
>>> 2.4 leaves this to the crypto library, and they check all fields
>>> more rigidly).
>>> Specifically, CRLs with an expired "next update" field are
>>> flagged as "expired" by OpenSSL, while the built-in check in 2.3
>>> did not.
>> This.  I replied something similar on the debian bug tracker, but I
>> have no clue what will happen with that mail.
>>> Since this bit a few people already, I wonder how we could
>>> communicate this better.
>> I wonder about that too.  Maybe some more verbose text on a wiki
>> page? We could even detect this specific error and add a link to
>> that page in the warning.
> Is there an option to disable this check? It would be extremely
> useful to maintain (at least optional) backward compatibility with
> already existing setups, which originally relied on 2.3 behaviour.

No, there is not.  And I don't think there is an easy way to implement
that either.

But, the fix is just as easy as the workaround:  just regenerate the
CRL, with a more correct nextUpdate value.  If you don't want your CRLs
expire, just put that value far enough into the future.


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