On 07-02-17 09:45, Илья Шипицин wrote:
>     I have a question (sorry if I couldn't check myself): did you check that
>     SSL_get_privatekey() and SSL_free() won't crash when ssl is NULL ?
> what if we involve clang static analyzer for such things ? can we count
> on it ?
> it is capable of detecting "Argument with 'nonnull' attribute passed null"
> and, as I can see, after applying patch it didn't find new issues
> http://chipitsine.github.io/without-patch/
> http://chipitsine.github.io/with-patch/
> also, it might be even automated, run clang static analyzer before and
> after applying patch and compare the result

Static analyzers are useful, but do not and probably never will replace
review by someone who knows the code.  They complement each other;
neither will detect all mistakes.

In relation to that, please stop making statements like 'it passes
travis, so the patch must be okay'.  That's pertinently not true.


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