On 08/08/17 23:55, Steffan Karger wrote:
> Enable coverity analysis for the release/2.4 branch.
> We can only do a limited number of coverity scans per week with our FOSS
> account, but since we only occasionally push commits, that should work out
> fine.  But this limit is the reason we don't use the standard travis addon,
> because that would cause the coverity script to run on all of our matrix
> builds.  That would cause us to reach our limit faster, and waste travis'
> resources.
> Since our FOSS coverity account doesn't handle multiple branches very well,
> we have to pick one branch to run coverity on.  I think it's best to use
> the most recent stable branch for that (i.e. for now, release/2.4).
> Though for ease of maintenance, it's probably best to apply the patch to
> both master and release/2.4.
> Signed-off-by: Steffan Karger <steffan.kar...@fox-it.com>

ACK. This would allow to run the coverity scan on a periodic base
without having to push yet another branch every time.

Antonio Quartulli

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