>  But that would open the OpenVPN Interactive Service to any user and
> application. This is why we would like your opinion first.
> Yes the service will then launch openvpn with arbitrary configs as any
> user, but that is what you want isn't it?
> True, I want that indeed. I was just trying to find the official way of
> doing it only to learn it's against OpenVPN team's principles. :(

The official way is to add the user to the designated group which by
default is expected to be named "OpenVPN Administrators". Recursive group
membership will work, so you could create a group named, say, "eduVPN
Users" or just use "Users" and add that to "OpenVPN Administrators" group
at install time (and remove it on uninstall). Personally I would avoid
tweaking permissions of a folder inside "Program Files\OpenVPN\config\"

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