Hi Selva,

We are considering distributing a local copy of OpenVPN with eduVPN Client:
- To provide better app isolation;
- To allow eduVPN to manage and update own OpenVPN copy.

The problem is one cannot run two openvpnserv.exe services at the same time, 
because the service control named pipe is hard-coded to 

While reviewing the openvpnserv.exe source code, I noticed on the other hand, 
that registry key is configurable as 
"HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\<PACKAGE_NAME>". Analogous to that, I have created 
a patch 
 to support "<PACKAGE_NAME>" configuration of named pipes as well.

Along with 
 patches to make OpenVPN Administrators group and OpenVPN firewall rule names 
configurable as well.

Those three patches provide sufficient way for us to build and run a clone of 
openvpnserv.exe that would not collide with the original one, should user 
install the original OpenVPN on the same computer.

1. Do you think this commits are appropriate to get merged in the official 
OpenVPN source? (I can deliver git-send-email patches, of course.)

2. We would like to hear your expert opinion about this use-case. Any 
considerations, drawbacks and like?

Thank you and best regards,
Simon Rozman

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