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Place: #openvpn-meeting on irc.freenode.net
Date: Wednesday 10th Jan 2017
Time: 11:30 CET (10:30 UTC)

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chipitsine, cron2, mattock, ordex and syzzer participated in this meeting.


Ordex is making an iOS bugfix release which will hopefully be out by
upcoming Monday. Cron2 will test the fixed version. Getting fixes to the
Appstore is much faster now that we use Apple's new API instead of the
old VPN plugin.


Discussed OpenVPN 2.4.5 release. It was agreed that we can and should
make the release soon. It will include latest changes to release/2.4
branch in OpenVPN. In addition Windows installers will include

- Upgrade to OpenSSL 1.1 (1.0.2n as a fallback if 1.1 gives trouble)
- Latest easy-rsa 2 version
- Latest openvpn-gui version
  - review and merge open PRs before release
- "PKCS#11 URIs compliant with RFC7512" patch
  - https://github.com/OpenVPN/openvpn-build/pull/110

Current 2.4.4 installers are using OpenSSL 1.0.2l, whereas latest
version is 1.0.2n. Syzzer reviewed the OpenSSL changes and they're not
really interesting in the OpenVPN context. This means we do not have to
rush the release out. Hence we aim to make the 2.4.5 release within a
couple of weeks.


Full chatlog attached.

Samuli Seppänen
Community Manager
OpenVPN Technologies, Inc

irc freenode net: mattock

(12:30:28) mattock: meeting time
(12:30:38) mattock: https://community.openvpn.net/openvpn/wiki/Topics-2018-01-10
(12:30:40) vpnHelper: Title: Topics-2018-01-10 – OpenVPN Community (at 
(12:31:06) ***syzzer present
(12:31:10) mattock: hi!
(12:31:22) mattock: who else do we have?
(12:31:23) ordex: hi!
(12:31:29) mattock: hi ordex!
(12:31:35) ordex: hi there !
(12:33:48) syzzer: so, no specific subjects?
(12:35:21) chipitsine: hi
(12:35:28) mattock: hi!
(12:35:33) mattock: syzzer: I believe that is so
(12:35:40) mattock: just patch review
(12:36:06) ordex: I am almost done with the block-ipv6 patch. I will send the 
review hopefully tomorros :S been a bit busy these days
(12:36:28) mattock: will cron2 be able to make it?
(12:37:28) mattock: according to backlog on #openvpn-devel it seems so
(12:37:54) mattock: anyhow, any patches on patchwork 
(https://patchwork.openvpn.net/project/openvpn2/list/) that we could/should 
review today?
(12:37:56) vpnHelper: Title: OpenVPN 2 - Patchwork (at patchwork.openvpn.net)
(12:38:21) cron2: hi
(12:38:22) cron2: late
(12:38:24) cron2: sorry :)
(12:38:29) mattock: hi!
(12:38:44) mattock: it seems the oldest patches in patchwork are from syzzer 
and almost 1 year old
(12:38:48) ordex: :D
(12:38:50) mattock: 
(12:38:52) vpnHelper: Title: OpenVPN 2 - Patchwork (at patchwork.openvpn.net)
(12:38:57) ordex: is that a record?
(12:38:58) cron2: yeah, we bounced these so they do not get lost
(12:41:42) cron2: syzzer: JFTR, I'll go on with your patches over the next days 
:-) - it's a pleasant change from "end of year paperwork"
(12:41:58) ordex: :D
(12:42:13) ordex: thanks
(12:43:25) cron2: ordex: do you have a time line for the iOS bugfix release?
(12:43:39) cron2: (so I can make a note in my calendar for re-testing DNS)
(12:44:04) ordex: cron2: hopefully by the end of this week. But we have to see 
how long will apple take to review it too ..
(12:44:13) ordex: buy hopefully by Monday it will be out
(12:44:20) cron2: oh, so quick
(12:44:26) ordex: and ready to break..ehm fix people setups
(12:44:28) cron2: "back then" it took Apple like 4 weeks
(12:44:37) ordex: yeah, now it's much faster
(12:44:47) ordex: because of the migration tot he new API the process is much 
(12:45:04) ordex: no need for "special treatment" due to the VPN plugin
(12:45:08) cron2: cool
(12:45:20) ordex: (the special treatment was the very slow part as far as I 
(12:47:01) cron2: but this is good news, so we can get back to a reasonable 
feature velocity on iOS :-)
(12:48:01) ordex: yeah
(12:48:06) mattock: oh, one topic: OpenVPN Windows installers are using openssl 
1.0.2l, whereas 1.0.2n is the latest version
(12:48:31) mattock: 1.0.2n was released Dec 7th
(12:48:51) mattock: interestingly nobody has complained about this until today
(12:48:55) ordex: security upgrade ?
(12:48:58) ordex: ehe
(12:49:24) mattock: I can probably push out new Windows installers tomorrow 
evening or on Friday
(12:49:56) mattock: but we (read: syzzer) should have a quick look at the fixes 
in 1.0.2m and 1.0.2n to see what the impact is for OpenVPN (if any)
(12:50:27) cron2: what about windows installers with 1.1?  with selva's patch 
this should be "easy" now...
(12:50:34) cron2: (as soon as this one is reviewed and merged :) )
(12:50:55) cron2: shall we offer test installers with 1.1?  Like, "I701" is 
"with 1.1"?
(12:51:09) cron2: "we" of course being "mattock" *duck*
(12:51:13) chipitsine: I'm working on that
(12:51:32) ordex: :D
(12:51:39) mattock: https://www.openssl.org/news/cl102.txt
(12:51:50) syzzer: mattock: yeah, reading...
(12:51:51) mattock: cron2: I'm fine with building with 1.1
(12:52:00) syzzer: (I recall I looked at this before, and decided 
(12:52:04) mattock: cron2: lol yes
(12:52:05) syzzer: "not interesting")
(12:52:08) chipitsine: can we add 
https://github.com/OpenVPN/openvpn-build/pull/110 to new installer as well ?
(12:52:10) vpnHelper: Title: Add "PKCS#11 URIs compliant with RFC7512" patch by 
chipitsine · Pull Request #110 · OpenVPN/openvpn-build · GitHub (at github.com)
(12:52:52) mattock: chipitsine: makes sense - that PR just dropped below my 
(12:53:03) syzzer: chipitsine: please don't.  That creates inconsistencies 
between our OS builds, and doesn't work with mbedtls
(12:53:48) syzzer: (or am I missing something here?)
(12:54:13) chipitsine: nothing to worry about yet. it still does not build
(12:54:39) mattock:  I'm not sure I follow
(12:54:55) mattock: syzzer: are you saying that PR#110 above should not be 
(12:55:30) mattock: it was acked by dazo and cron2 in a meeting (mentioned in 
the comments)
(12:56:35) syzzer: mattock: the openssl updates are quite minor, but it would 
be good to do a planned release "soonish"
(12:56:49) mattock: syzzer: next week perhaps?
(12:57:09) chipitsine: also, there was great UX feature from selva (automatic 
connect if password saved), can we include new openvpn-gui into new installer ?
(12:57:24) mattock: do we have enough stuff for 2.4.5?
(12:57:29) eyal [5251e1f4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] è entrato 
nella stanza.
(12:57:38) chipitsine: there are a couple of not merged PR related to that 
(12:58:07) mattock: chipitsine: I generally put the latest openvpn-gui into 
each Windows 2.4.x installer, so if that feature is merged by release time we 
sure can
(12:58:57) chipitsine: currently it is a bit buggy, 
https://github.com/OpenVPN/openvpn-gui/pull/202 resolves a bug
(12:59:00) vpnHelper: Title: Do not auto submit username/password after an auth 
failure by selvanair · Pull Request #202 · OpenVPN/openvpn-gui · GitHub (at 
(12:59:09) syzzer: mattock: I'm a bit concerned about the maintenance burden of 
that patch.  It will create an inconsistency between openssl and mbedtls 
builds.  windows vs other os is probably not really an issue, as those configs 
are sufficiently different anyway
(12:59:37) syzzer: (still talking about the pkcs11 patch)
(13:00:04) syzzer: it kinda sucks, because I *do* like to support the new URI 
(13:00:48) mattock: syzzer: it seems that you were not in the meeting where 
PR#110 was acked, so here's what was discussed: 
(13:00:50) vpnHelper: Title: [Openvpn-devel] Summary of the community meeting 
(Wed, 18th Oct 2017) (at www.mail-archive.com)
(13:01:08) mattock: "It was agreed that bundling the patch with future 
2.4-based Windows installers makes sense, and that the potential for breakage 
is small. Dazo can cron2 approved the approach, and mattock will merge the PR."
(13:01:33) mattock: "dazo _and_ cron2" is probably more appropriate :P
(13:02:07) mattock: it seems that the chatlog is not there though - I will 
check my personal archive
(13:02:16) syzzer: if both maintainers agree, I'm fine with it
(13:03:11) syzzer: release/2.4 looks like this next release could indeed be 
2.4.5 :)
(13:03:37) syzzer: if you're doing a release anyway, let's get the good stuff 
out to the users
(13:03:39) mattock: can't find the full chatlog - odd
(13:04:07) mattock: ok, so 2.4.5 with pkcs11-helper RFC patch
(13:04:15) mattock: I will merge it as promised some months ago
(13:04:18) syzzer: and openssl update?
(13:04:21) mattock: yes
(13:04:25) syzzer: perfect
(13:04:36) mattock: and the openvpn-gui changes proposed by chipitsine
(13:04:36) chipitsine: also, there was very weird thing 
(13:04:37) vpnHelper: Title: build-dh.bat: use proper variable by chipitsine · 
Pull Request #6 · OpenVPN/easy-rsa-old · GitHub (at github.com)
(13:04:48) chipitsine: it seems, nobody uses that feature 
(13:05:05) mattock: yeah
(13:05:14) chipitsine: we should include it in the new installer as well
(13:05:14) mattock: I will investigate and merge
(13:05:26) mattock: I'll create a ticket with all this info for myself
(13:05:35) syzzer: hopefully cron2 and dazo can get even more good stuff in 
before the release :)
(13:05:41) chipitsine: mattock, I wanted to ask what are plans on easy-rsa ?
(13:05:46) mattock: release date?
(13:06:00) mattock: chipitsine: you mean easy-rsa-old (2.x) or easy-rsa in 
(13:06:02) chipitsine: are we going to replace it with easy-rsa3 some day ?
(13:06:26) chipitsine: I think of either adding some tests on Trac#968
(13:06:45) mattock: we sure can, especially now that ecrist is maintaining 
easy-rsa3 fairly actively
(13:06:47) chipitsine: if we will get rid of easy-rsa2, I wouldn't care about it
(13:06:54) mattock: agreed
(13:07:00) mattock: do you use easy-rsa3 on Windows?
(13:07:05) chipitsine: not yet
(13:07:18) mattock: we should make sure the user experience is relatively 
smooth there
(13:07:29) chipitsine: I had a look. it seems people did not know about 
powershell ))
(13:07:36) mattock: on *NIX I tend to use easy-rsa3 because it's a separate 
download anyways
(13:07:45) mattock: they generally don't
(13:07:54) chipitsine: windows part of easy-rsa3 looks strange
(13:08:15) mattock: I've never tested it on Windows
(13:08:35) chipitsine: ok, I will not care of easy-rsa2 auto testing
(13:08:41) mattock: please don't
(13:09:20) syzzer: mattock: doesn't easy-rsa3 has a totally different command 
interface than 2?
(13:09:25) mattock: syzzer: it does
(13:09:35) syzzer: In that case I wouldn't upgrade in a dot-release
(13:09:56) mattock: I was thinking about the same, but then again quite few 
people actually use easy-rsa on Windows
(13:10:05) syzzer: or at least still ship the old one too?
(13:10:06) mattock: 99% of users are probably not affected
(13:10:22) mattock: we could postpone the transition to 2.5 alphas
(13:10:30) syzzer: sure, but the 1% can create a big heap of tickets for you to 
handle ;-)
(13:10:36) chipitsine: old + Trac#968 patch :)
(13:10:38) mattock: nobody has been screaming about easy-rsa3 on Windows 
(13:10:39) syzzer: ask ordex ;-)
(13:10:51) mattock: I'm sure, hence I think 2.5 alpha makes more sense
(13:11:54) syzzer: yeah, makes sense.  or you ship both, that could work too.
(13:13:29) ordex: I am also in favour of shipping easyrsa3 starting with 2.5
(13:13:34) ordex: (was that the question? :D)
(13:14:02) syzzer: ordex: question was: how many work can 1% of your users 
cause? :p
(13:14:14) ordex: infinite
(13:14:24) ordex: I am witnessing that NOW
(13:14:25) ordex: :p
(13:14:26) mattock: chipitsine: merged 
(13:14:29) vpnHelper: Title: build-dh.bat: use proper variable by chipitsine · 
Pull Request #6 · OpenVPN/easy-rsa-old · GitHub (at github.com)
(13:15:13) syzzer: mattock: wrt 2.4.5 release, we'll need an okay from dazo 
and/or cron2 too.
(13:16:43) mattock: syzzer: yeah, let's wait a bit
(13:17:11) syzzer: anything else?  otherwise I'll go and fetch lunch :)
(13:17:21) mattock: nothing at my end
(13:17:36) syzzer: good good, lunch it is!
(13:18:11) ordex: good :)
(13:19:35) mattock: bye!
(13:21:40) eyal ha abbandonato la stanza (quit: Quit: Page closed).
(13:24:51) mattock: chipitsine: I will send email about the other openvpn-gui 
PRs: https://github.com/OpenVPN/openvpn-gui/pulls
(13:24:53) vpnHelper: Title: Pull Requests · OpenVPN/openvpn-gui · GitHub (at 
(13:25:02) mattock: I think we should try to tackle as many as we can before 
the release
(13:25:50) chipitsine: thanks
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