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Place: #openvpn-meeting on irc.freenode.net
Date: Wednesday 24th Jan 2018
Time: 11:30 CET (10:30 UTC)

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chipitsine, cron2, mattock and syzzer participated in this meeting.


Discussed the OpenVPN 2.4.5 release. The release was postponed to next
Wednesday (31st Jan) to get some fixes and enhancements in.

# openvpn

Ensure strings read from registry are null-terminated:


Plug memory leak if push is interrupted:


TLS v1.2 support for cryptoapicert -- RSA only:


# openvpn-gui

Update openvpn-gui-res-dk.rc:


Update Ukrainian localization:


# openvpn-build

Ensure that NSIS installer/uninstaller correctly manages new OpenSSL
(1.1.0) libraries (names have changed since 1.0.x).


Full chatlog attached.

Samuli Seppänen
Community Manager
OpenVPN Technologies, Inc

irc freenode net: mattock

(12:28:49) cron2: meow
(12:31:42) mattock: howdy
(12:31:47) syzzer: hi!
(12:32:42) mattock: shall we begin?
(12:33:56) syzzer: yup
(12:34:28) chipitsine: as for windows installer 2.4.5 + openssl-1,1,0
(12:34:31) chipitsine: [ilia@localhost bin]$ ls
(12:34:33) chipitsine: c_rehash  libcrypto-1_1-x64.dll  liblzo2-2.dll  
libpkcs11-helper-1.dll  libssl-1_1-x64.dll  openssl.exe  openvpn.exe  
openvpn-gui.exe  openvpnserv.exe
(12:34:37) chipitsine: [ilia@localhost bin]$ 
(12:34:39) chipitsine: openssl libs changed their names
(12:34:50) chipitsine: I'm still working on openvpn.nsi
(12:35:25) chipitsine: not sure if I can finish it today
(12:36:42) cron2: I would also propose to postpone by one week
(12:36:52) cron2: there's patches we want in, and I've been distracted by icky 
(12:36:55) mattock: postponing is good
(12:37:10) syzzer: I have no opinion
(12:37:11) mattock: I failed to build with openssl 1.1.0
(12:37:23) chipitsine: or we can release windows installer with openssl-1.0.2
(12:37:29) mattock: we could yes
(12:37:30) cron2: tincantech posted build errors with 1.1.0 that showed "built 
wrong branch"
(12:37:42) mattock: cron2: ok
(12:37:42) cron2: 2.4.4 will *not* build with 1.1, release/2.4 *should* build
(12:37:47) mattock: ah, ok
(12:37:58) mattock: I didn't have time to test release/2.4 yet
(12:37:59) cron2: (you need the cryptoapi patch from Selva, which has been 
merged, but came after 2.4.4 release)
(12:38:16) mattock: but NSIS needs to be modified if openssl filenames changed
(12:38:41) mattock: are there any openvpn patches that are still missing from 
(12:38:43) chipitsine: 1-2 days for NSIS
(12:39:04) cron2: there's the ccd cipher one
(12:39:05) mattock: chipitsine: sounds good
(12:39:49) chipitsine: it would be nice to merge 
https://patchwork.openvpn.net/project/openvpn2/list/?series=59 before 2.4.5
(12:39:50) vpnHelper: Title: OpenVPN 2 - Patchwork (at patchwork.openvpn.net)
(12:40:07) chipitsine: it improves UX on windows a bit
(12:40:26) cron2: indeed.  I'll see that I can review this on thursday
(12:42:01) mattock: new release date?
(12:42:13) mattock: I could do wed next week, but not thu or fri
(12:42:14) cron2: oh, and we have more ACKs that I failed to merge (TLSv1.2 for 
(12:42:29) cron2: lets go for wed then
(12:42:40) mattock: ok
(12:43:02) mattock: let's compile a list of missing things
(12:43:08) syzzer: I'll be snowboard by then, but will read up in the evenings 
(12:43:11) mattock: 
(12:43:12) vpnHelper: Title: OpenVPN 2 - Patchwork (at patchwork.openvpn.net)
(12:43:13) syzzer: *snowboarding
(12:43:18) mattock: the ccd cipher one
(12:43:29) mattock: NSIS fixes for openssl libraries
(12:43:36) cron2: TLSv1.2 for cryptoapicert
(12:43:55) mattock: anything else?
(12:44:34) syzzer: maybe this: https://patchwork.openvpn.net/patch/195/
(12:44:36) vpnHelper: Title: [Openvpn-devel] Plug memory leak if push is 
interrupted - Patchwork (at patchwork.openvpn.net)
(12:44:51) mattock: there are some openvpn-gui translation updates that would 
be good to have, but not blockers (danish and ukrainian)
(12:44:52) syzzer: but quite a corner case, so not critical
(12:44:55) cron2: sounds bugfixy, soyes
(12:45:21) mattock: syzzer: looks fairly trivial to review
(12:47:26) mattock: so this is the TLSv2 cryptoapicert thing 
(12:47:28) vpnHelper: Title: [Openvpn-devel,v2,2/2] TLS v1.2 support for 
cryptoapicert -- RSA only - Patchwork (at patchwork.openvpn.net)
(12:47:31) cron2: yep
(12:47:33) syzzer: mattock: change looks simple, but testing it is annoying 
because the issue usually doesn't occur
(12:47:58) mattock: you've tested it, right?
(12:48:05) syzzer: yeah, I did
(12:48:20) mattock: do we need independent tests or just code review, in your 
(12:48:21) syzzer: but a second pair of eyes is good
(12:48:54) syzzer: depends on the change, but I try to test every patch I ACK.  
If I don't I state so in the ack mail.
(12:49:25) mattock: that's a good policy
(12:49:35) cron2: indeed :)
(12:49:45) mattock: maybe you could share your testing instructions?
(12:49:49) mattock: and/or scripts
(12:52:13) syzzer: mattock: I have a test suite @ work for mbedtls-related 
stuff, but other that that it is usually just "make check" (including t_client 
if I think that's useful) + manual testing of the code that changed
(12:52:22) syzzer: so not much to share unfortunately
(12:53:36) mattock: ok
(12:53:55) mattock: are we done with 2.4.5 planning?
(12:55:06) cron2: I'm done
(12:55:44) mattock: any other topics worthy of discussion?
(12:56:11) ***cron2 has none
(12:56:17) cron2: except "$wife is hungry" :)
(12:56:27) syzzer: me neither
(12:56:27) cron2: and "I want to go snowboarding as well!!"
(12:56:27) mattock: $me is hungry :P
(12:56:33) mattock: let's conclude this meeting then
(12:56:39) mattock: 26 minutes is a good achievement :)
(12:56:43) cron2: yep :-)
(12:56:55) mattock: ok bye guys! I will write the summary later today
(12:57:02) cron2: thanks
(12:57:20) syzzer: great!
(12:57:24) syzzer: enjoy lunch :)
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