On 02/04/18 10:12, Marvin Adeff wrote:
> Even on the internet I can tell country, ISP etc. Very useful for security 
> ACLs etc. Unless I’m completely mistaken, I don’t believe this is easily done 
> in ipv6. 

mostly because at this very moment Tunnel Brokers are widely used and
they act as a "proxy", effectively covering the real location of the
client host.

Many websites just show you (client) as connecting from the country
where your Tunnel Broker is located.

When using native IPv6 this problem does not exists anymore.

Therefore, the proper way to get over this "limitation" (even though I
don't think is a real problem, but this is of course my perspective) is
to speed up the transition and move everybody over native IPv6 (which is
something we can't achieve if we continue to be "afraid" of using IPv6
in our everyday life).


Antonio Quartulli

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