Hi all,

in case anybody cares, I have updated my patchset on GitHub[1] (I didn't
want to create more noise on the mailing list since it is still RFC).

This new version is quite different as I implemented a major
architectural change: instead of creating a standalone sitnl module, I
introduced a generic "networking API" (this is a concept that has been
discussed with Gert and other devs in the past, but that never came into

This "networking API" is the glue code between tun.c/route.c and the
Linux specific code.

Two new files, namely networking_sitnl.c and networking_ip.c, provides
two implementations for this API: one uses the new sitnl code (netlink)
and one uses iproute2.

This new architecture could be re-used in the future to move other
platforms specific code (i.e. for drawin, openbsd, etc..) to their own
files and hide all the details behind the new API.

If you try to compile my branch, openvpn will use sitnl by default
unless you specify --enable-iproute2 at configure time.

Comments are review are welcome!


[1] https://github.com/ordex/openvpn/tree/sitnl

Antonio Quartulli

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