On Fri, Jun 08, 2018 at 01:20:11PM +0800, Antonio Quartulli wrote:
> From: Antonio Quartulli <anto...@openvpn.net>
> Signed-off-by: Antonio Quartulli <anto...@openvpn.net>

This commit message is a bit... thin.

>  check_add_routes_dowork(struct context *c)
>  {
> -    if (test_routes(c->c1.route_list, c->c1.tuntap))
> +    /* skip route check if no IPv4 was configured */
> +    if (!c->c1.tuntap->did_ifconfig_setup
> +        || test_routes(c->c1.route_list, c->c1.tuntap))
>      {
>          check_add_routes_action(c, false);
>      }

And I'm not sure if that comment is sufficient to explain this increasingly
convoluted function...  (I'm so totally not understanding what is happening
here, and how it's wrapped into the event looping)

Maybe a easier to understand place for the did_ifconfig_setup check would 
be inside test_routes()?


-  if (rl)
+  /* we do this test only if we have IPv4 routes to install, and if
+   * the tun/tap interface has seen ipv4 ifconfig - because if we 
+   * have no IPv4, the check will always fail, failing tun init
+   */
+  if (rl && tt->did_ifconfig_setup)

But really, WTF...


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