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Place: #openvpn-meeting on irc.freenode.net
Date: Wednesday 24th October 2018
Time: 11:30 CEST (9:30 UTC)

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dazo, mattock, ordex, plaisthos and syzzer participated in this meeting.


Talked about adding Google Analytics on Trac. The request came from
OpenVPN Inc. webmaster. Mattock will send email about this to
openvpn-devel to gather feedback.


Talked about tls-crypt-v2. Ordex will review Steffan's patches one by
one next week.


Talked about the networking API patch. Plaisthos will review that one.
Ordex will review the block-ipv6 patch from ordex in return.


Talked about the MSI installer for OpenVPN and tap-windows6 that
rozmansi has been working on. It was noted that there are six patches on
the mailing list which have not been reviewed yet. Mattock will review
what he can and ask other (Windows) developers to participate in the
review process if possible.


Full chatlog attached.

Samuli Seppänen
Community Manager
OpenVPN Technologies, Inc

irc freenode net: mattock

(12:16:55) L'argomento di #openvpn-meeting è: Next meeting on 06/Jun/2018 at 
11:30CEST. Agenda at 
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ordex!~linux...@open-mesh.org/batman/ordex a 19:15:01 su 02/06/2018
(12:22:39) plaisthos: okay
(12:28:41) mattock: hi
(12:29:18) ordex: hi
(12:29:24) ordex: dazo: syzzer: ?
(12:31:10) dazo: Oh, I'm here
(12:31:58) ordex ha scelto come argomento: Next meeting on 24/Oct/2018 at 
11:30CEST. Agenda at 
(12:33:34) mattock: we have people, good
(12:34:00) mattock: do we have anyone who is not from openvpn inc? the google 
analytics thing could need input from neutral parties
(12:34:43) ordex: cron2_ is in read-only mode and syzzer did not appear
(12:35:35) ordex: where do we start?
(12:35:40) ordex: 1) ?
(12:35:51) mattock: yeah let me see the agenda
(12:36:51) mattock: well, we can touch that topic but I don't think we can 
decide on anything about GA
(12:37:42) mattock: I think having Google Analytics on Trac would be 
reasonable, but I do see people could view it as a mild form of spying
(12:38:04) plaisthos: question is if anyone of us actually uses it
(12:38:22) mattock: use what?
(12:38:32) plaisthos: analytics on the community pages
(12:38:35) ordex: I have GA blocked everywhere because I do see it as a form of 
(12:38:53) ordex: I would be more prone to use a hosted solution like piwik (if 
it called this way)
(12:39:17) ordex: plaisthos: it would be used by our Inc. webmaster, in theory
(12:39:37) ordex: (and by Google itself, of course :P)
(12:39:47) mattock: I think GA would actually get used, because the guy 
(webmaster) is only working our websites
(12:39:55) ordex: yap
(12:39:58) mattock: so he has time to actually go through the data
(12:40:46) ordex: maybe somebody should collect some feedback from other 
community users
(12:40:49) mattock: I'm not familiar with GA, but I suppose everything 
(openvpn.net, community.openvpn.net, etc) needs to be there for the whole to 
make sense
(12:41:12) mattock: I mean, understanding the route the user takes from 
openvpn.net to community.openvpn.net or vice versa
(12:41:17) ordex: not necessarily, but of course it would help understanding 
how people jump from one part to the other
(12:41:36) ordex: GA will still grab the URL that people used to reach 
(12:41:58) mattock: I could just send email to openvpn-devel about this
(12:42:04) mattock: I'm sure we would get some responses
(12:42:18) ordex: I mean, if you consider c.ovpn.net as a separate website, it 
is no different from knowing that somebody reached ovpn.net from .... any other 
(12:42:26) ordex: yap
(12:42:28) mattock: yeah
(12:42:53) ordex: even though, when sending such email you have to state the 
(12:42:56) mattock: so "mattock will send email to openvpn-devel about adding 
GA to community.openvpn.net"?
(12:42:58) mattock: yes, of course
(12:42:58) ordex: and ... what is the goal ?
(12:43:04) mattock: it's on the topic page
(12:44:17) ordex: I am just asking because yesterday we were actually 
discussing in #openvpn-devel that the c.ovpn.net website as a whole needs a big 
restructuring, therefore adding GA seems like something stepping on the way, 
with no much gain
(12:44:24) ordex: anyway, send the email to openvpn-devel :)
(12:44:30) mattock: ok
(12:45:00) mattock: ordex: maybe create a wiki article with suggestions for 
improving openvpn.net?
(12:45:10) mattock: that would enable community members to participate
(12:45:32) ordex: yup, that is what I suggested (even if i did not mention the 
wiki explicitly)
(12:45:37) ordex: but in the community nobody has time apparently
(12:45:37) ordex: :P
(12:45:43) ordex: but yeah, we should start that
(12:45:46) mattock: nobody is angry enough it seems
(12:45:49) mattock: :P
(12:46:10) mattock: actually, nobody has been angry about 2.3.18 being missing 
from the download page, either
(12:46:16) ordex: I think people have lost faith (to my understanding) because 
no previous comment has been taken into account when designing the new website
(12:46:35) mattock: where were the comments directed to?
(12:46:36) ordex: mattock1: yes, the 2.3.18 missing link was the beginning of 
the discussion
(12:46:43) mattock: ok
(12:46:54) ordex: mattock1: you should not log out #openvpn-devel :-P
(12:46:56) plaisthos: ordex: yeah, the new website seems like it has completely 
lost focus to openvpn
(12:46:56) mattock: that can be added easily, but I wanted to see if somebody 
would speak up
(12:47:11) plaisthos: (the community openvpn)
(12:47:23) mattock: ordex: I would love to stay logged in, but getting ZNC to 
co-operated with Pidgin _and_ Freenode's new authentication schema turned out 
pretty horrible
(12:47:47) ordex: the other thing I heard was about the link to openvpn-gui 
redirecting to sf.net, which is not updated since a bit
(12:47:47) mattock: I will retry setting up ZNC correctly "soonish"
(12:47:56) ordex: hehe :D I use znc+irssi
(12:48:09) ordex: anyway
(12:48:12) ordex: this is for another time
(12:48:14) mattock: well I would too, but I want to avoid having <n> chat 
clients running
(12:48:16) mattock: yes
(12:48:27) ordex: let's start a wikipage and collect all comments there
(12:48:28) mattock: but let's compile a wiki page with "problems with the new 
(12:48:31) ordex: yap
(12:48:40) mattock: I have 25 mins roughly
(12:48:43) mattock: next topic
(12:48:45) mattock: :P
(12:48:50) mattock: tls-crypt-v2: status update 
(12:48:51) ordex: #2 tls-crypt-v2
(12:49:09) mattock: this yours ordex?
(12:49:15) ordex: the latest patchset that Steffan sent to the mailing list 
should be the final one. Next week I will go through the patches and ack them 
one by one
(12:49:16) ordex: yap
(12:49:30) dazo: sorry got disrupted .... Google Analytics is blocked in all my 
browsers, as well as a boatload of other trackers
(12:49:49) dazo: I understand the usefulness of such things ... but I do not 
like them at all.
(12:50:09) ordex: same here - however it was proposed to move the discussion to 
the ml to gather more "community" feedback
(12:50:23) ordex: then we can throw the ball at Inc. and they can decide
(12:50:30) dazo: yeah
(12:50:51) ordex: about tls-crypt-v2 that's all too. I just wanted to get 
people ready for "merging" because this might be the final round
(12:51:02) mattock: #3 networking API patch: status update 
(12:51:09) ordex: plaisthos: 
(12:51:10) ordex: ^
(12:51:23) plaisthos: will look into it soon 
(12:51:36) ordex: ok, if there is anything I can do, let me know
(12:51:38) plaisthos: ordex: you also have patches waiting from me to review :P
(12:51:55) ordex: which ones exactly? my queue is looooong
(12:52:10) plaisthos: block-ipv6 for example :P
(12:52:15) ordex: yeah
(12:52:16) ordex: good one
(12:52:29) ordex: assigning to me on pw
(12:52:35) ordex: otherwise I won't see it any time soon
(12:53:17) ordex: ok, so networking API is WIP
(12:53:40) ordex: #4 OpenVPN 2.5
(12:54:09) ordex: plaisthos: what do you need for asym compression to get 
going? just review?
(12:54:27) plaisthos: yeah, allow-compression patch should be fine
(12:54:32) ordex: plaisthos: is it *only* this patch: [Openvpn-devel,v2] Make 
compression asymmetric by default and add warnings  ?
(12:55:42) ordex: ?
(12:55:45) plaisthos: ordex: let me double check for style and then yes
(12:55:49) ordex: oky
(12:55:59) dazo: But we discussed this patch in Lviv ... and we wanted to slim 
it down a bit in regards to the arguments, or?
(12:56:35) plaisthos: dazo: well I convinced you that yes/no/asym is okay since 
it matches openvpn3
(12:56:49) dazo: ahh ... but it should not be pushable
(12:56:59) dazo: that was the other aspect, which we discussed with Johan
(12:57:28) plaisthos: I still disagree a bit on that but I don't care enough 
anymore to fight that ;)
(12:57:42) dazo: "The current patch will be updated to not allow this new 
option to be pushable." .... 
(12:57:43) vpnHelper: Title: LvivHackathon2018 – OpenVPN Community (at 
(12:58:04) ordex: but allow-compression is checked with:
(12:58:04) ordex: +        VERIFY_PERMISSION(OPT_P_COMP);
(12:58:07) ordex: is this pushable ?
(12:58:10) plaisthos: yes
(12:58:26) plaisthos: Seems I have not send out the v3
(12:58:37) plaisthos: in my branch it already has OPT_P_GENERAL
(12:58:49) ordex: rebase and send then :)
(12:58:59) ordex: I'll mark v2 as rejected in pw
(12:59:11) ordex: doing now
(12:59:33) mattock: sorry, child-related distraction
(13:00:07) ordex: np
(13:00:16) ordex: so plaisthos will send v3 of his asym patch
(13:00:24) ordex: then we can review
(13:00:32) ordex: mattock1: " migrate from NSIS to MSI installer " any progress 
on that ?
(13:00:50) mattock: not on my side, but have Simon's patches been merged?
(13:00:55) mattock: he sent a few to openvpn-devel
(13:01:12) mattock: directly/indirectly related to his MSI work
(13:01:57) mattock: I see a set of five patch plus one individual patch
(13:02:05) ordex: who's expected to review those ?
(13:02:33) mattock: hmm
(13:02:40) mattock: we could ask Selva or Lev
(13:02:43) dazo: lev__, selva and mattock1 I'd say :)  (depending on which 
parts it is changed)
(13:02:59) mattock: I can have a look, but I won't be able to review the actual 
code anyways
(13:03:05) mattock: (need to split in 5)
(13:03:13) ordex: we can definitely try to involve lev__ , if he likes the idea
(13:03:36) dazo: probably not :-P
(13:03:41) ordex: :D
(13:04:26) ordex: other than that, for 2.5 we have netlink (already discussed), 
VLAN (moving on), multi-port (waiting for review)
(13:04:39) dazo: struct argv ready for review
(13:05:01) ordex: oh, the table needs to be updated then
(13:05:23) dazo: ahh, I've forgotten that :/
(13:05:35) mattock: I'll put the wheels on MSI review in motion
(13:05:56) ordex: updating it now
(13:06:20) ordex: ok
(13:06:22) mattock: later today...
(13:06:38) mattock: anything else on 2.5?
(13:06:39) ordex: I guess we have a lot things out there that needs review, as 
usual :)
(13:06:52) ordex: mattock1: not really, I think
(13:06:52) mattock: yeah
(13:07:02) mattock: we rarely get to "review patches on patchwork" part
(13:07:19) mattock: _if_ we had weekly meetings then maybe we would end up in 
(13:07:36) plaisthos: btw. do I still support non existing client backwards 
compatible in my managed interface
(13:08:26) ordex: your managed interface ?
(13:08:37) plaisthos: +patch
(13:09:07) ***syzzer present too now :)
(13:09:22) ordex: syzzer is just on time for the beer !
(13:09:25) ordex: :D
(13:09:29) syzzer: not much to add to the earlier discussion though
(13:11:22) mattock: meeting concluded?
(13:11:54) syzzer: perfect :D
(13:12:03) dazo: :)
(13:12:15) mattock: I take that as a yes :D
(13:12:42) mattock: I will send the summary later today, start review of the 
MSI patches so that people wake up, contact selva and others who may be able to 
review the MSI patches from Simon
(13:12:53) mattock: now I need to split so that I'm not late from lunch 

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