On Wed, Jun 26, 2019 at 03:37:56PM +0200, Paolo wrote:
> i make a pull reuqest ofr this patch some times ago over github, this
> patch implements the right peace of software for passing ip and hostname
> to pam modules, to use for example in firewall or modules like
> pam_recent, this patch is succefull running by more tha 7 years into our
> systems.

Please send patches with "git send-email".  Your mail program totally
massacred the patch (most spaces were replaced by alt-space, 0xa0, which
looks like a space but isn't)

Please do also use a meaningful commit message that describes what
the patch does, and use "git commit -s" to add a signed-off-by line.

> \xa0\xa0\xa0\xa0 char response[128];
> +\xa0\xa0\xa0 char remote[128];

This is how the patch arrived here...

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