On Thu, Jul 25, 2019 at 10:44:48AM +0300, Lev Stipakov wrote:
> 1. Please fix your patch, I cannot apply it:

This might be something with your mailer at openvpn... Antonio complained
about a well-formed patch yesterday, now you complain while I can apply
the patch just fine...

$ git am /tmp/mail.eml
warning: Patch sent with format=flowed; space at the end of lines might be lost.
Applying: Wrong FILETYPE in .rc files

So - since I can apply the patch just fine, is the change itself ACKed?

> 3. Since you patch .rc files, could you replace rest of numeric values with
> strings, like
> FILEOS VOS_NT_WINDOWS32 instead of FILEOS 0x40004L

This would be a separate patch, I'd say - the patch here is actually
changing numbers, while your suggestion would be more of a cleanup
thing, not actually changing the result.

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